News and Press releases


  1. International Migrants Day

    ILO announces the four winners of the 2017 Global Media Competition on Labour Migration

    18 December 2017,

    To mark this year’s International Migrants Day on 18th December, the ILO has announced the four winners of its 2017 Global Media Competition on Labour Migration.

  2. Training of labour inspectors

    Training of labour inspectors of Sindh on inspection of wages

    15 December 2017, Karachi, Pakistan

    The ILO convened a one day training workshop on “Inspection of Wages” for 27 labour inspectors of the Department of Labour (DoL) Sindh providing the inspecting staff an opportunity to discuss in detail issues related to wages.

  3. International Migrants Day

    ILO/IOM: Labour rights and skills development key to improving outcomes of migration in South-East Asia

    15 December 2017,

    Against the backdrop of increasing migration among ASEAN countries, joint ILO/IOM report assesses changes in the lives of migrant workers from before to after their migration.

  4. Press release

    Indonesia needs a second wave of structural transformation to secure jobs in light of technological changes, says new ILO report

    14 December 2017, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Indonesia has maintained a steady growth momentum. Unemployment rate is falling, but many people are still engaged in low-productivity employment. In addition, like several emerging and industrialized economies, Indonesia is confronted by technological advancements which are likely to shape the economy and jobs of the future.

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    ILO Social Protection Floors Calculator

    Social protection is affordable even in most low-income countries

    13 December 2017,

    ILO releases a number of easy-to-use tools and guides, which show that most countries could afford to provide social protection floors if they chose to.

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    Child labour and forced labour

    Uzbekistan ends systematic use of child labour and takes measures to end forced labour

    12 December 2017,

    An ILO team monitoring the cotton harvest in Uzbekistan has found that child labour is no longer systematically used and that measures are being taken to end the use of forced labour. These conclusions were discussed at a roundtable in Tashkent.

  7. Press Release

    Fifty per-cent of redundant 'Yazaki EDS' workers secure jobs in Samoa

    06 December 2017, Apia, Samoa

    A preliminary impact assessment on a response project to support redundant Yazaki EDS workers have found good results through a collaborative effort between the ILO, the multinational and national implementation partners.

  8. International Day of Persons with Disabilities

    How trade unions promote decent work for persons with disabilities

    03 December 2017,

    The ILO’s Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV) has launched a report which highlights trade union action to promote decent work for persons with disabilities. ACTRAV talked to the department’s focal point on disability at work, Nezam Qahoush about the challenges persons with disabilities face in the world of work and the role of the trade union movement in promoting decent work for them.

  9. Press release

    Launch of SEA Fisheries Project: Strengthening coordination to combat labour exploitation and trafficking in fisheries

    30 November 2017, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) has launched the SEA Fisheries project to combat human trafficking in fisheries in Southeast Asia.

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    Work in Freedom

    DFID announces £13 million for ILO Work in Freedom programme

    30 November 2017,

    DFID pledges a new package of support totalling £13 million for the ILO-run Work in Freedom programme to prevent trafficking and forced labour among women migrant workers from South Asia.