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  1. Gender equality campaign

    Promoting gender equality through an innovative video blog campaign

    06 November 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The ILO’s Better Work Indonesia (BWI) programme has launched an innovative campaign on gender equality in garment industry. Making the best use of technology, BWI’s campaign ran a video blog (vlog) competition.

  2. RSCA in Action

    Businesses share insights on navigating complex labour issues

    05 November 2019,

    The ILO’s Responsible Supply Chains in Asia and Sedex hold a workshop on promoting decent work in Asian supply chains

  3. Press release

    Leading automotive supply chain businesses discuss the role of responsible business practices in their future

    31 October 2019,

    Peer learning on socially responsible business and good labour practices in supply chains: a competitive factor for the automotive sector in a globalized world

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    ILO 100 on skills development

    Indonesia’s tax deduction programme to attract more industries involved in apprenticeship

    29 October 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Indonesia continues to promote greater involvement of industries in the apprenticeship programme to ensure improvements of its human resources. One of the means is through a tax incentives of 200 percent.

  5. Press Release

    ILO: Labour migration should be a safe choice

    29 October 2019,

    The ILO reiterates its commitment to enabling rights-based governance of labour migration.

  6. Press release

    Refresher training for selected SIYB Master Trainers in China: to equip the trainers with new tools and knowledge in the new context to better serve start-ups

    28 October 2019, Yinchuan, China

    The ILO collaborated with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China to hold a refresher training for SIYB Master Trainers to update them on new SIYB tools and adaptions, discuss recent global trends and developments and exchange on achievements in China.

  7. Press release

    The ILO and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS) join forces to strengthen the labour dimension of corporate social responsibility in China

    24 October 2019,

    Delegates enthusiastically engage on issues around labour standards, Chinese labour law and CSR during a three-day training

  8. Press release

    ILO and its tripartite partners in Myanmar celebrate the Organization’s 100-year Anniversary

    21 October 2019,

    The ILO underpins human-centered vision to advancing social justice and promoting decent work in Myanmar as it celebrates the organization’s 100th anniversary with tripartite plus organizations.

  9. News

    Raising the awareness on new labour standard to combat violence and harassment in Indonesia

    17 October 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Following up the adoption of a new Convention and Recommendation to combat violence and harassment at the workplace, the ILO conducted an awareness raising event to its constituents in Indonesia.

  10. Interview

    Viet Nam is good at seizing new opportunities and using their potential

    17 October 2019,

    An interview with Director of ILO Department of Partnerships and Field Support, Rie Vejs-Kjeldgaard