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  1. Youth employment

    Empowering Indonesian youth and refugee youth through social enterprises

    18 November 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia

    As part of the ongoing livelihood skills for Indonesian youth and refugee youth, the ILO and UNHCR introduced the benefits of community-based social enterprises, supported by four social entrepreneurs.

  2. ILO100

    Lao PDR celebrates ILO Centenary and 55th anniversary of Lao’s membership

    16 November 2019,

    The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, the Lao Federation of Trade Unions (LFTU) and the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI) of Lao PDR celebrated the International Labour Organization (ILO) Centenary and the 55th anniversary of Lao PDR’s membership.

  3. Press release

    Enhancing responsible business practices in key Chinese industries

    14 November 2019,

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    International Labour Standards

    Convention No 1: A landmark for Workers’ Rights

    13 November 2019,

    100 years ago the first International Labour Conference adopted the first International Labour Standard – on working time. As the ILO celebrates this landmark moment, ILO Working Time specialist, Jon Messenger, looks back at the history of the Convention and its impact.

  5. News

    Promoting equality for transgender persons through entrepreneurship

    12 November 2019, Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    The ILO launched its latest documentary on business development for transgender persons, aimed to inspire more transgender persons to start and develop their businesses as their source of living and a way to promote equal employment opportunities.

  6. Seminar Report

    Japan: Research shows businesses recognize benefits of decent work policies in electronics supply chains

    11 November 2019,

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) and Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) share expertise to promote CSR in global supply chains

  7. Ridwan Kamil, Governor of West Java

    West Java Province plan to strengthen the business competitiveness of the garment industry

    08 November 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Ridwan Kamil, Governor of West Java, participated in the interactive session of the ILO’s BWI annual Business Forum in Jakarta. He shared his vision and programme to continue strengthening the business competitiveness of the West Java Province.

  8. Skills for Prosperity

    Improving Indonesia’s maritime sector through strengthening vocational education

    07 November 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The Indonesian government has made it a priority to strengthen the country’s maritime sector. A new programme - “Skills for Prosperity” - sees the ILO team up with the Government of the United Kingdom to give focused support to this initiative.

  9. Fire Service and Civil Defence Week

    ILO’s effort in improving fire safety in Bangladesh

    06 November 2019, Dhaka

    The Fire Service and Civil Defence Week is observed from 6-12 November in Bangladesh. On this occasion, Country Director of ILO Bangladesh, Tuomo Poutiainen reflects on the development in fire safety measures in Bangladesh. This write-up was first published in a magazine brought out by the Fire Service and Civil Defence Department of the Government of Bangladesh.

  10. Gender equality campaign

    Promoting gender equality through an innovative video blog campaign

    06 November 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The ILO’s Better Work Indonesia (BWI) programme has launched an innovative campaign on gender equality in garment industry. Making the best use of technology, BWI’s campaign ran a video blog (vlog) competition.