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  1. COVID-19

    TRIANGLE in ASEAN helps migrant workers hit by COVID-19

    04 February 2021,

    With the support of its partners on the ground, TRIANGLE in ASEAN responded rapidly during 2020 to the immediate needs of returning migrant workers and those in the countries of destination impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  2. News

    Core Skill Development Training Workshop successfully held online

    02 February 2021,

    On 25th January, the ILO project ‘Quality Apprenticeship and Lifelong Learning in China’ successfully organized Core Skill Development Training Workshop online. Over 120 participants from 71 pilot enterprises, TVET institutions and public agencies attended training to gain in-depth knowledge of the ILO Global Framework on Core Skills for the 21st Century and practices of core skill development.

  3. Press release

    The ILO and JPMorgan Chase Foundation join forces to support women entrepreneurs impacted by COVID-19

    02 February 2021,

    The ILO and JPMorgan Chase Foundation have signed a new agreement for the ILO to implement the ‘Rebuilding Better: Fostering Business Resilience Post-COVID-19’ project. Targeting women entrepreneurs in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand, the project will provide support for businesses to recover from the pandemic and adopt more sustainable and resilient business models.

  4. Press release

    Social Dialogue remains vital to build sustainable recovery from COVID-19

    01 February 2021, Geneva

    A new report by the Bureau for Workers' Activities of the ILO highlights the need for global-scale responses based on effective social dialogue to recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

  5. Joint press release of the CBS, ILO and the UNICEF

    Ending forced and child labour in Nepal’s brick industry - Need for a holistic approach

    29 January 2021, Kathmandu, Nepal

    Joint press release on a new survey on employment relationship in the brick industry in Nepal.

  6. COVID-19: Promoting gender equality

    Addressing gender inequalities and promoting inclusivity in enterprises

    28 January 2021, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The ILO’s SCORE programme helps enterprises to boost their business performances by advancing equal opportunities through gender equality’s training of trainers.

  7. Press release

    Employers Federation of Pakistan appointed as the national focal point for promoting the ILO MNE Declaration in Pakistan

    27 January 2021, Islamabad, Pakistan

    Pakistan is the first country in the Asia-Pacific region to appoint a national focal point for the promotion of the MNE Declaration and the application of its principles.

  8. Skills for Prosperity Programme in Philippines

    Human-centric skills - critical for workers at all ages

    27 January 2021,

    Integrating human skills into technical education and training can help prepare young people for- first jobs, says leadership summit in Asia

  9. Ship to Shore Rights

    Decent work for fishing and seafood migrant workers in Asia Pacific

    20 January 2021,

    European Union and United Nations continue efforts to support safe labour migration and decent work in the fishing and seafood processing sectors in South East Asia

  10. National OSH Month 2021

    Investments on OSH improve companies’ safety performances

    15 January 2021, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Indonesia is celebrating its National Occupational Safety and Health month by encouraging beneficial connection between OSH investments and safety performances and by promoting OSH culture in all business sectors, including micro and small businesses.