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  1. Migration

    Migrating in ASEAN with a mobile phone: Gender gaps are not only in migrants’ salaries, but also in digital access

    29 November 2019,

    The increasingly widespread access to and use of the Internet in the ASEAN region has meant that more migrant workers are now seeking information using social media platforms. However, obtaining accurate and reliable information is still a challenge, not to mention gender gaps in digital access that women migrant workers face.

  2. ILO National Dialogue on Future of Work

    Government, employers and worker leaders emphasize on tripartite consultation, skills building and ratification of ILO Conventions on minimum age and forced labour

    28 November 2019,

  3. ILO100 in Viet Nam

    Future of work is the choice of Viet Nam

    27 November 2019,

    The 2019 Viet Nam Labour Forum agrees that Viet Nam is on the right track on its way towards an upper middle income country. A new ILO report shows the country is creating more middle-skilled and high-skilled jobs.

  4. News

    Indonesia to develop Strategic Programme on HIV Prevention at the Workplace 2020-2024

    27 November 2019,

    To strengthen its HIV prevention programme at the workplace, the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower, with support from the ILO, developed a national HIV strategic programme for 2020-2024.

  5. Press release

    Let them fly, don’t clip their wings !

    26 November 2019,

    Ridma Weerawardena is the latest musician from around the world to join the ILO’s Global Music Against Child Labour Initiative. The song is his contribution to the global and Sri Lankan fight to end child labour

  6. News

    Japan: Responsible labour practices as part of core business operations in supply chains in Asia contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    25 November 2019,

    The ILO and APIR (Asia Pacific Institute of Research) co-host a symposium for Japanese businesses in the Kansai region hear research findings from Japanese and Chinese electronics sectors and share ideas on how the SDG goals can be achieved through core business operations.

  7. Press release

    Cotton picking women and adolescent girls of Southern Punjab sensitized on child labour, forced labour and OSH

    25 November 2019, Southern Punjab, Pakistan

    ILO organised series of five farm level awareness raising seminars cum workshops on child labour, forced labour and OSH for the cotton picking women and adolescent girls workers of Southern Punjab under its project “Elimination of Child Labour and Forced Labour in the Cotton, Textile and Garment Value Chains: an Integrated Approach” Co-funded by the European Union.

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    Social Protection

    More than 500 billion dollars a year needed to ensure basic levels of social protection worldwide

    25 November 2019,

    A new ILO report highlights critical financing gaps in social protection and provides policy recommendations on how these gaps could be closed.

  9. Natural Disasters

    Earthquake victims get gravity-fed water supply in Papua New Guinea

    22 November 2019,

    A ILO-Japan funded partnership infrastructure project is helping earthquake-affected communities in the Nipa district to access clean drinking water.

  10. Press release

    China expands its support to South-South Triangular Cooperation in ASEAN countries

    22 November 2019, Beijing, China