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  1. COVID-19: Stimulating employment and incomes

    Learning good practices in implementing “new normal” health protocol in the workplace

    08 August 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia

    As Indonesia has shifted from the “large scale measures of social distancing” to “new normal” phase, businesses gradually resume their operation. New protocols are needed to ensure workers’ health and safety at work while maintaining sustainable business operation.

  2. COVID-19

    ILO-supported guidelines for COVID-19 rolled out across workplaces

    05 August 2020,

    The document aims to help prevent the spread of the virus in the workplace, protect of workers’ health and ensure business continuity.

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    Child Labour

    ILO Child Labour Convention achieves universal ratification

    04 August 2020,

    All 187 member States of the International Labour Organization (ILO) have ratified the ILO Convention on the Worst Forms of Child Labour, 1999 (No. 182).

  4. Social protection

    Factory women workers empowered with knowledge on health-related social security benefits in Viet Nam

    04 August 2020,

  5. Press release

    ILO Child Labour Convention achieves universal ratification

    04 August 2020,

  6. COVID-19 and child labour

    Combating increased exploitation of children during the COVID-19 pandemic

    03 August 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia

    In conjunction with the commemoration of the National Children’s Day, relevant stakeholders, with support from the ILO, discussed intensified efforts to stop the exploitation of children in the country.

  7. Press release

    The European Union and National Authorising Officer visit Lariguto-Builale road linking agro-forestry communities of Timor-Leste

    31 July 2020, Viqueque Municipality, Timor-Leste

    The European Union (EU) supports ERA Agro-Forestry Project which provides sustainable livelihoods and access to markets to Timor-Leste’s rural agro-forestry communities through road access.

  8. COVID-19: Stimulating employment and incomes

    Ensuring sustainable business operations for economic recovery in Indonesia

    27 July 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia

    UN agencies in Indonesia team up to facilitate dialogues between government institutions and the private sector regarding new protocol guidelines to ensure sustainable business operations.

  9. Press release

    Online workshop: Health assistance in an employment injury institution

    23 July 2020, Karachi, Pakistan

    ILO launched a series of online workshops to disseminate its international experience and facilitate knowledge sharing on good governance of an Employment Injury Institution. The workshop is expected to enhance capacity of staff members of social security institution of Sindh, health professionals of Employees’ Social Security Institutions of Pakistan as well as the ILO tripartite constituents.

  10. COVID-19 and social dialogue

    Tackling the impact of COVID-19 pandemic with transparencies between employers and workers

    21 July 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia

    What can employers and workers do to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic? They can work together. The ILO calls for the cooperation between representatives of employers and workers through social dialogues.