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  1. Press release

    ILO to Address Decent Work Deficit in Asia and the Pacific

    24 August 2001, BANGKOK

    ILO opens Conference aimed at shoring up Asia’s economies by providing a new element to the development agenda – the quest for “decent work.”

  2. Press release

    International Labour Organization to Thirteenth Asian Regional Meeting

    22 August 2001, BANGKOK

    The ILO's Thirteenth Asian Regional Meeting seek to establish new policies and projects for promoting decent work in the region as a key to reducing poverty and restoring economies.

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    Indigenous people still the poorest of the poor

    08 August 2001, BANGKOK

    The ILO shows concern about the world’s 300 million indigenous people, half of whom live in Asia, still remain the poorest of the poor.

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    ILO Seminar Reaching Out to Thailand's Home-based Workers

    23 April 2001, BANGKOK

    ILO seminar aims at develop a safety and health action plan for Thai home-based workers.

  5. Press release

    Fresh hope for Myanmar

    15 January 2001,

    The ILO reports on democratic breakthroughs in Myanmar that came under unprecedented ILO sanctions for widespread and systematic use of forced labour.


  1. Press release

    Ridding the global economy of child labour

    23 October 2000, BANGKOK and DHAKA

    ILO supported Regional Meeting with experts from 16 countries seek the answer to how to banish child labour from the global economy.

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    ILO Strategists Chart New Ways to Combat Child Labour

    16 October 2000, BANGKOK and DHAKA

    New ILO strategies to combat child labour will be the focus at a regional meeting attended by experts from 16 countries.

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    Rooting Out the Worst Forms of Child Labour

    15 September 2000, BANGKOK

    Governments, employers’ organizations and trade unions is taking the approach of rooting out the worst forms of child labour first, by adopting the ILO Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, 1999 (No. 182).

  4. Press release

    Rayong Workshop Aims to Reduce Grim Toll

    04 July 2000, BANGKOK

    Senior officials of the ILO and Thailand’s Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare open a three-day workshop in Rayong to identify "safeguards and safe practices" to reduce work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths.

  5. Press release

    Ninety per cent of World Excluded from Old Age Pension Schemes

    28 April 2000, BANGKOK

    The ILO estimates in new publication that some 90 per cent of the world's working-age population is not covered by pension schemes capable of providing adequate retirement income.