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  1. Press release

    Indonesia's President Wahid joins ILO Battle Against Child Labour

    08 March 2000, BANGKOK and JAKARTA

    Indonesia becomes first Asian country to ratify the Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, 1999 (No. 182) and the first to ratify all eight core labour standards.

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    ILO/Japan Asian Regional High-Level Meeting on Child Labour

    03 March 2000, JAKARTA and BANGKOK

    High-level policy makers from 15 Asian States meet to determine what further urgent steps need to be taken to halt the worst forms of child labour.

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    ILO Director-General Calls for Policies with a Caring Eye

    15 February 2000, BANGKOK

    The ILO Director-General addresses 3000 UNCTAD delegates calling for policies better meeting people’s fundamental needs.


  1. Press release

    The lessons of the Chiang Mai factory explosion

    23 December 1999, BANGKOK

    Representatives of Thai Government ministries, employers, workers and the ILO come together to learn for the future from the Chiang Mai factory explosion.

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    Building fundamental principles and rights at work into "Fairer societies in the Asian region"

    07 December 1999, PHNOM PENH

    Representatives of more than 20 Asian countries gather to tackle issues as freedom of association and abolishing forced labour, discrimination and child labour - and to begin constructing a new foundation for "fairer societies" in the region.

  3. Press release

    Cambodia labour experts mobilize for children

    09 November 1999, PHNOM PENH

    Cambodias decision-makers gather in Phnom Penh for a series of meetings on international child labour law organized by the ILO Asia-Pacific office.

  4. Press release

    Roadways to employment: linking infrastructure to jobs

    26 October 1999, BANGKOK

    ILO workshop explores the potential of infrastructure development in Asia Pacific countries as an untapped resource for new jobs.

  5. Press release

    Kosovo's Labour Market in a "Collapsed" State ILO Calls for Labour Intensive Reconstruction Effort

    19 October 1999,

    GENEVA (ILO News) - At least two-thirds of Kosovo's working age population is officially out of work and those with jobs are working in what a report prepared for the International Labour Organization described as "a vast grey economy" under employment conditions that amount to "a legal vacuum."

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    ILO opens regional conference on women in the world of work with calls for justice for women - calls Asian financial crisis dark side of globalization

    06 October 1999, MANILA

    The ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, in collaboration with the Government of the Philippines, opens a three-day meeting on women in the world of work today, calling for a "fairer, more equitable" society.

  7. Press release

    Asia and Pacific countries show progress towards strengthening status of women in the world of work

    05 October 1999, MANILA

    Asia and Pacific countries show progress towards strengthening status of women in the world of work, however women suffered disproportionally from the Asian financial crisis, according to new ILO report.