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  1. Press release

    ILO launches project to promote Rights of Cambodia's Indigenous and Tribal Peoples

    04 May 2005,

    The ILO is launching a project specifically designed to help the Cambodian government and indigenous and tribal people´s work together to create a framework that will help address needs and concerns.

  2. Press release

    ILO calls for better protection of foreign domestic workers in Thailand after ‘shocking’ attack abusive employers need to know they will face consequences

    04 May 2005,

    The International Labour Office in Bangkok today urged authorities in Thailand to take urgent steps to better protect all foreign migrants – both documented and undocumented – from abusive employers, especially Thai employers of foreign domestic workers.

  3. Press release

    Media Diary Announcement: World Day for Safety and Health at Work to be marked by new report and commemoration ceremony

    14 April 2005,

    The ILO is marking the World Day for Safety and Heath at Work with a ceremony for those killed and injured at work, and the launch of a new report, focusing on safety and health in the construction industry and among older and younger workers.

  4. Press release

    11 countries join the ILO to review progress towards Decent Work

    01 April 2005,

    The ILO brings together 11 countries at the 2nd South-East Asia and the Pacific Subregional Tripartite Forum on Decent Work in Australia, focusing on major issues such as the need for better social protection for workers and their families.

  5. Press release

    International experts offer safety and health training for construction site workers

    07 March 2005,

    International safety and health experts train people in Cambodia how to improve occupational safety and health on Cambodia’s many small construction sites.

  6. Press release

    International Women's Day focuses on women in disasters

    07 March 2005,

    International Women’s Day 2005 in Asia takes the theme, “Rebuilding Women’s Lives in the Aftermath of Disaster”, highlighting the fact that the disasters long-term effects hit women particularly hard.

  7. Press release

    Mongolia's occupational safety and health under scrutiny

    22 February 2005,

    Mongolia ’s progress in occupational safety and health (OSH) is reviewed at a National Tripartite Workshop in Ulaan Baatar followed by a training programme, designed specifically for the needs of homeworkers.

  8. Press release

    Sewing the seeds of prosperity

    16 February 2005,

    The ILO Executive Director of Social Dialogue discusses globalizations impact on the Cambodian garment industry.

  9. Press release

    ILO Director’s visit applauded

    08 February 2005,

    Vanuatu officials have spoken highly about the visit of Sub-Regional ILO Office Director for Asia and Pacific based in Manila, Philippines, Mr Werner Konrad Blenk recently. The main purpose of Mr Blenk’s visit was to discuss with the Vanuatu government through the ministry of Internal Affairs who is responsible for Labour and ILO matters on Vanuatu’s commitment to the ILO after becoming a member of this important organization in 2003.

  10. Press release

    Signing of Korea/ILO Partnership Agreement

    26 January 2005,

    The Government of the Republic of Korea and the ILO sign an agreement for a partnership programme for technical cooperation in Asia and the Pacific for the promotion of decent work.