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    Unpaid production work

    Millions of hours spent daily on unpaid work: Evidence from Asia and the Pacific

    25 September 2020,

    Unpaid production work is the foundation of all other productive work, yet the time spent on these activities is often neglected in labour market analyses.

  2. Skills

    New career guidance package aims to help young people make right career choice

    24 September 2020,

    The package including four books for teachers and students is now available online.

  3. Press release

    Employers reaffirmed their commitment to eliminate child labour

    23 September 2020, Sialkot and Faisalabad, Pakistan

    The Employers Federation of Pakistan collaborated with Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and industry to conduct seminars on the “World Day against Child Labour” with the support of ILO under the Japan Government funded Project on “More and Better Jobs through Socially Responsible Labour Practices in Pakistan.

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    COVID-19: Protecting workers in the workplace

    COVID-19 leads to massive labour income losses worldwide

    23 September 2020,

    A new ILO analysis of the labour market impact of COVID-19 reveals a “massive” drop in labour income and a fiscal stimulus gap that threatens to increase inequality between richer and poorer countries.

  5. COVID-19: Promoting skills development

    Get noticed for employment: The importance of personal branding for job seekers

    22 September 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia

    As technology takes over the world, companies are turning to social media in hiring and recruiting their employees. Good personal branding, thus, can help youth to land their first employment or business opportunities.

  6. Press release

    ILO and 10 Contractors sign agreements for COVID-19 response in Timor-Leste

    21 September 2020, Dili, Timor-Leste

    The ILO in collaboration with Directorate for Roads, Bridges and Flood Control (DRBFC) signed contracts with 10 local contractors as part of implementation of US$ 550,000 ILO Regular Budget Supplementary Account (RBSA) COVID-19 Response funding.

  7. Press release

    Reporting on forced labour and fair recruitment in Pakistan

    21 September 2020, Lahore, Pakistan

    In collaboration with Centre for Excellence for Journalism (CEJ), the ILO through European Union funded project, Global Action to Improve the Recruitment Framework of Labour Migration (REFRAME) hosted advocacy sessions with 24 media influential including Editors, Bureau Chief and senior reporters and training for 47 journalists from media organizations across the country.

  8. Gender equality and COVID-19

    Gender diversity is good for business says new ILO survey in the Philippines

    18 September 2020, Manila, Philippines

    A country survey jointly conducted in the Philippines by the ILO and Australian initiative “Investing in Women” recognizes the benefits of gender diversity on business and provides recommendations to better integrate and leverage the female talent pipeline.

  9. Opinion editorial on COVID-19 and unemployment protection

    Building comprehensive protection against unemployment

    18 September 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia

    An opinion editorial by Kazutoshi Chatani, Employment Specialist and Fasrul, Programme Officer for Public Employment Service, International Labour Organization, focusing on the protection against unemployment in Indonesia. The opinion article was published by the Jakarta Post on 18 September.

  10. Press release

    Promotion of decent work opportunities in brick kiln sector of Pakistan

    17 September 2020, Lahore, Pakistan

    Mr Julien Harneis, United Nations Resident Coordinator, Pakistan, visited the first brick kiln adopted zigzag technology in Pakistan. This technology is environment friendly, reduce emissions from brick kilns and cut pollution. While applauding Punjab government’s offer of interest-free loans, he appreciated the initiative taken by brick kiln owners.