ILO offers special training in Cambodian Women Workers' Rights and Gender Equality

An ILO organized training workshop focusing on the rights of Cambodian women workers and gender equality is being held in Phnom Penh .

Press release | 17 January 2005

The rights of Cambodian women workers and gender equality will be in the spotlight this week, at a training workshop inPhnom Penh.

Thirty-one participants are expected to take part in the training. In addition to learning about gender equality and women workers’ fundamental rights, both at and outside the workplace, they will also be taught to become local trainers themselves, giving them the skills to pass on their new knowledge to other workers.

The training materials for the workshop have been specifically tailored forCambodia, and include specially commissioned Khmer drawings. Because may of those who will eventually be trained by the new trainers have low literacy levels (but a wealth of life and work experiences) the courses have been designed to maximise participation and action, rather than theory; all the sessions include games, role plays, stories and discussions. These are supported by the new drawings showing different situations in the life and work of Cambodian women.

The workshop is being organized by theCambodiabranch of the ILO/Japan Regional Programme on Expansion of Employment Opportunities for Women (EEOW), in cooperation with the ILO’s project on Worker’s Education Assistance to the Cambodian Trade Union Movement.

The participants have been selected from the EEOW partner organizations, governments, trade unions, employers’ organizations and NGOs working on Human Rights.

The workshop will be conducted by Ms. Roos Terhorst, ILO international consultant; Ms. Young Vin, National Project Coordinator of EEOW Cambodia; Mr. Nuon Rithy, National Project Manager of the ILO’s project on Worker’s Education Assistance to the Cambodian Trade Union Movement; Ms. Chorn Sokha, vice- president of Coalition on Cambodia Apparel Workers Democratic Union (CCAWDU); and Mr. Kong Pharith and Mr. Siv Sothea, Senior Programme Officers from the American Center for International Labour Solidarity (ACILS).

The four-day training programme will be held from 18-21 January 2005 at the Cambodiana Hotel. Afterwards, the training materials will be published to allow them to reach a wider audience.

For more information please contact:
Ms. Aya Matsuura                                                                             ILO/Japan Multi-Bilateral Programme (Thailand) 
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Ms. Young Vin
ILO/Japan EEOWCambodia
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