Migrant workers

Australian Ambassador to Lao PDR meets with Migrant Workers at the Migrant Worker Resource Centre in Pakse

A visit to a Migrant Workers Resource Centre, supported by the TRIANGLE in ASEAN programme, provided an opportunity to see the range of support services available to migrant workers and their communities.

News | Pakse, Lao People’s Democratic Republic | 26 June 2023
PAKSE, Lao People’s Democratic Republic (ILO News) - H.E. Paul Kelly, Australian Ambassador to Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR), recently visited a Migrant Worker Resource Centre (MRC) operated by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare in Champasack, Lao PDR, to see first-hand how the MRC protects and promotes the rights of migrant workers. The MRC provides a variety of support services for migrant workers, including outreach, counselling, training, and legal assistance.

Ambassador Kelly met with the MRC team to learn more about their work and to hear directly from migrant workers who have received support from the centre's services.

Discussion with outgoing workers and MRC staff.
© Provincial Labour and Social Welfare, Champasack
Two migrant workers shared their stories on a job advertisement that they came across on social media for seasonal work in the Republic of Korea. They received counselling from the MRC to discuss and consider the benefits and potential risks of labour migration to the Republic of South Korea. They are now waiting to migrate.

"I was impressed by the work of the MRC and the stories of the migrant workers who have benefited from its services," Ambassador Kelly said. "It is clear that the MRC provides an important lifeline to migrant workers who are often vulnerable to exploitation. Australia is committed to supporting the work of the MRC and to promoting the protection and promotion of migrant workers' rights in ASEAN."

He also emphasised the importance of ensuring that all migrant workers have access to support services, including migration information and legal services before, during and after their migration.
Ambassador Kelly and his team, outgoing migrant workers and the ILO and MRC staff.
© Provincial Labour and Social Welfare, Champasack
TRIANGLE in ASEAN is a partnership between the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Global Affairs Canada, and the ILO, . TRIANGLE in ASEAN promotes safe and fair migration within ASEAN, ensuring benefits are realised by workers, employers and government. and provides direct services to migrant workers and their communities through a network of 22 MRCs in 18 locations across six ASEAN member states, including three in Lao PDR. MRC services are delivered through partnerships with government institutions, trade unions and civil society organisations, and provide a range of services, including counselling, training and legal assistance.