ECOT and the ILO organizes trainings for small business owners to look to the (digital) future

In the final training organized jointly by the Employers Confederation of Thailand and the ILO’s Rebuilding Better Project, small business owners developed strategies to leverage digital marketing channels and tools to thrive online.

News | 28 September 2022
The Employers Confederation of Thailand (ECOT) and the ILO’s Rebuilding Better Project hosted the one-day training “Preparing your marketing plan 101” for small business owners in Thailand on September 8. The training, which was held in central Bangkok, was attended by 35 entrepreneurs, of which 60 percent were women.

The morning session provided participants with insights on how to prepare a marketing plan and summarized different online tools and channels available to them. The session also focused on budgetary implication and factors to consider when allocating resources for different marketing activities. In the practical and interactive afternoon session, participants worked in groups on a marketing plan for 2023.

Small business owners who attended the training expressed afterwards that the session had enabled them to think systematically about marketing and learn more about how to better market their business online to grow it further. “The session was useful as it built on real-life situations” said one participant while another expressed that it provided “feedback for ideas, problems and solutions at hand.“

The training on September 8 was the culmination of a series of workshops organized jointly by ECOT and the ILO’s Rebuilding Better Project in the last year. The two partners have collaborated to organize online and in-person training sessions to support women entrepreneurs impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, focusing on digital marketing and generating online sales as well as other topics including business continuity planning and returning safely to work.

Kornchai Kaewmahawong, Council Member, ECOT, shared his thoughts on the partnership. “Together with the ILO Rebuilding Better Project, we have assisted women entrepreneurs in Thailand impacted by COVID-19 and expanded our service offering to this particular group during a difficult time. Focusing on digital marketing is particularly important to ensure that women entrepreneurs can fully participate in a digitally-connected marketplace.”

“We are very grateful for our strong partnership with ECOT, which has enabled us in the past year to support women entrepreneurs impacted by COVID-19 in Thailand to stay resilient during the crisis. We hope that our joint efforts will contribute to their full recovery and future ability to further grow their businesses” said Sara Andersson, Project Technical Officer, ILO Rebuilding Better Project.

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Karnmanee Thanesvorakul
National Project Coordinator, ILO Rebuilding Better Project

Photos by Michael Glowacki Copyright: ILO