ILO-IPEC in Thailand together with its partners develops TV spots against child labour in seafood industry in Thailand and ramps up general advocacy efforts to address child labour

The shooting of “Changing Clothes”, a series of TV spots to campaign against the use of child labour and hazardous child labour in shrimp and seafood industry in Thailand, was commenced in mid-January 2014 in Mae Sot of Tak Province.

News | 13 December 2013
Produced by Friends Without Border (FWB) with the support of ILO-IPEC, this series of TV spots aims to promote positive attitudes towards the migrant children’s rights to education, as well as to promote decent employment for the youth.
“Changing Clothes” is a story of Teng – a Burmese working child – and Ton – a Thai school boy – who are good friends. Set in a seaside town where shrimp and seafood industry is prominent, the story depicts an ideal world surrounding the lives of the two boys where all adults - employers, school headmasters and teachers - are kind and supportive to migrant children and treat them well.

As part of this Project, ILO – IPEC collaborates with Friends Without Border Foundation – a Chiang Mai based NGO working to promote human rights and understanding towards ethnic groups, refugees, and migrant workers in Thailand to produce a series of campaign materials presenting the situation and solutions to the problem of child labour in Thailand. The aim is to widely disseminate these messages to the Thai public, to build better understanding of situation and impact of child labour in Thailand, as well as provide a space for the underprivileged to voice out their concerns and situation.

Apart of this series of TV spots, a picture book highlighting work of ILO – IPEC and the partners will also be produced by Friends Without Borders. Young people will be also trained on short film production skills with the support of professional filmmakers and academics and assisted in producing short films concerning the theme of child labour. These will supplement to a package of ILO-IPEC campaign materials.

The TV spots are planned to be aired on Thai PBS TV Station, other TV channels, and through other means such as YouTube and social media. ILO-IPEC and its partners campaigning against child labour will intensify during 2014 and include especially a series of advocacy events during the World Day Against Child Labour in June 2014.
The ILO - IPEC Project on Combating the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Shrimp and Seafood Processing Areas of Thailand is implemented in close collaboration with Thai Royal Government, private sector and workers organizations. The Project started in 2010 and will continue until end of 2014.
The project has three objectives: to address policy and implementation frameworks, collaboration with enterprises in shrimp industry supply chain, and providing education, social protection and livelihood services to children. In addition to these three components, the project and its partners see that there is a need of general advocacy for the public, especially in the shrimp and seafood producing and processing areas of Thailand on the need of addressing child labour, forced labour and working conditions in the shrimp and seafood industry.