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This is a list of official ILO press releases issued by the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. Some are available in multiple languages, indicated on the top of each release. The most recent release is at the top.


  1. Better Factories Cambodia’s latest Synthesis Report

    08 July 2015, Cambodia

    The report finds slight improvements in garment factory working conditions, although issues of overtime and occupational safety and health continue

  2. ILO to publish annual report on labour and social trends in Indonesia

    03 July 2015, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) is to launch its annual report “Labour and Social Trends in Indonesia 2014-2015: Strengthening competitiveness and productivity through decent work” in Jakarta on Thursday, the 9th of July, 2015.

  3. Women's labour market participation key for economic and business growth in Asia-Pacific says new report

    03 July 2015, BANGKOK

    Ways of maximising the use of female talent in the Asia Pacific workforce were examined at an international conference in Singapore on 3 July 2015.

  4. Soccer Ball Industry Model replicable for child labour elimination in GSP+ business environment

    30 June 2015, Lahore

    Over 50 representatives from Government, Workers, Employers and economic sectors endorsed the Sialkot Soccer Ball Industry Model as a way forward for other industries to do business in the current GSP+ environment. This was during the final World Day Against Child Labour commemorative event convened by the Employers Federation of Pakistan (EFP) in Lahore.

  5. National RMG factory inspection initiative hits 1,000 mark

    24 June 2015, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    DHAKA - Government efforts to inspect ready-made garment factories for structural, fire and electrical safety have reached the 1,000 factory mark.

  6. Third Buyers Meeting on the Textile Sector in Pakistan

    23 June 2015, Lahore

    The third Buyers Forum in Pakistan convened with a total of 19 international brand representatives on 23rd June 2015. The Buyers reaffirmed their commitment to better labour and environmental practices in the textile sector. The buyers also agreed to support three key areas i.e. strengthening labour inspection regime, addressing issues of contractual employment and supporting smaller manufacturers to improve international labour standards compliance.

  7. Promoting Decent Work for Homeworkers in Indonesia: Homeworkers are workers!

    17 June 2015, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Home work is not a new phenomenon in Indonesia and although national statistics on the prevalence of home work do not exist, a number of focused studies in East Java reveal that significant numbers of women and men are engaged in this type of work. The term ‘homeworker’ is used to refer to industrial outworkers who carry out paid work from their home, for firms/business or their intermediaries, typically on a piece-rate basis.

  8. The United Nations in Pakistan convene a National Consultation on Youth Employment

    17 June 2015, Islamabad

    ILO and UNDP Pakistan convened a national consultation to discuss the current issues and constraints faced by youth in getting decent employment in Pakistan. The consultation was held under the auspices of the 2015 National Human Development Report for Pakistan which has three concurrent themes on Education, Employment and Engagement. With 64% of Pakistan’s population under the age bracket of 29 years, youth will be a critical force for shaping human development in the Pakistan.

  9. ILO – Kampung Halaman Foundation to launch a series of videos and photos on domestic workers by Indonesian youth in Makasssar

    16 June 2015, Makasssar, Indonesia

    To promote the rights of domestic workers, the ILO in collaboration with Kampung Halaman Foundation (YKH), will launch a series of video diaries and photo stories titled “Fom Youth to Youth: Nine Stories of Our Friendship with Domestic Workers” on Tuesday, 16 June 2015, at Panakukkang XXI, Panakukkang Mall, Makassar. These video diaries and photo stories are part the campaign to promote decent work for domestic workers and elimination of child domestic labour.

  10. ILO Pacific Office and UN Women Fiji Multi-Country Office Celebrate Anniversary of the Adoption of the Domestic Workers Convention

    16 June 2015, Suva, Fiji

    Today marks the fourth anniversary of the adoption of the Domestic Workers Convention, 2011 (No. 189) and Recommendation No. 201. These new standards, adopted in June 2011, are a strong recognition of the economic and social value of domestic work and a call for action to address the existing exclusions of domestic workers from labour and social protection.

  11. ILO Governing Body elects Misako Kaji as new chairperson

    13 June 2015,

    Misako Kaji, Permanent Representative of Japan to the International Organizations in Geneva will head the International Labour Organization’s executive body for the period 2015-2016.

  12. Word Day Against Child Labour: “No to child labour, Yes to quality education”

    12 June 2015, Yangon/ Myanmar.

    The second year celebration of World Day Against Child Labour in Myanmar was held in Yangon at the Summit Parkview Hotel on June 12 organized by the International Labour Organization (ILO) Myanmar Programme on the elimination of child labour (MyPEC) in collaboration with Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security (MOLES) with the participation of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, Workers and Employers Organization, UNICEF, World Vision and Child Focus Network. Embassies, national and international development partners, and others civil society organizations and private businesses were also present.

  13. ILO – Kampung Halaman Foundation to Launch a Series of Videos and Photos on Domestic Workers by Indonesian Youth

    12 June 2015, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Domestic workers represent the single largest group of female salaried workers contributing to the households of others in their own country or abroad. Despite of the importance of the role of domestic workers, domestic work is still not recognized as work. Since their work is done in private households, which are not considered work places in many countries, their employment relationship is not addressed in national labour laws or other legislation, denying them recognition as workers entitled to labour protection.

  14. Prime Minister's Message of the world day against child labour

    12 June 2015, Colombo, Sri Lanka

  15. The twin challenges of child labour and educational marginalisation in the East and South-East Asia regions

    12 June 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

  16. Cook Islands become 186th ILO member State

    12 June 2015,

  17. The World Day against Child Labour 2015: Children to challenge policy makers on quality education

    11 June 2015, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) in Indonesia, in collaboration with Yasayan Kesejahteraan Anak Indonesia, will organize an interactive dialogue between children (school children, dropped out children, child labourers and shelter children) and policy makers on quality education on Thursday, 11 June, at Sari Pan Pacific Hotel, Jakarta from 08.00am-12.00pm.

  18. ILO Continues Farmer Empowerment through Economic Development

    11 June 2015, Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Handing Over of the Cooperative Complex to Mulankavil Farmers’ Cooperative Society, Killinochchi District

  19. ILO Country Office Statement on draft Trade Union law

    10 June 2015, Cambodia

  20. Thai rock stars join the International campaign against child labour

    10 June 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

    To mark the World Day Against Child Labour (June 12), Thailand’s biggest rock stars have worked with the International Labour Organization (ILO) on the first national language cover version of the song 'Til Everyone Can See.

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