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This is a list of official ILO press releases issued by the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. Some are available in multiple languages, indicated on the top of each release. The most recent release is at the top.


  1. Asia, Pacific and Arab states Ministers meet to discuss job creation, equality and social justice

    02 December 2016,

    Policy makers, academics and civil society groups from throughout Asia, the Pacific and the Arab states will meet at the ILO 16th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting to discuss strategies for creating jobs and promoting equity and decent work.

  2. First meeting of the Project Advisory Committee of Strengthening Labour Inspection System for Promoting Labour Standards and ensuring Workplace Compliance in Pakistan (SLISP) Project

    01 December 2016, Islamabad, Pakistan

    1st meeting of the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) was convened at the Ministry of OPHRD on 23rd November 2016.

  3. ASEAN’s governments, workers and employers recommend strengthening social protection to build better resilience to disasters

    22 November 2016, Manila, Philippines

    ILO and ASEAN member States gather in Manila to share their experiences, and learn from countries in other regions on practices using social protection measures to prepare and respond to natural disasters.

  4. ILO to share its lessons learnt in promoting food security and sustainable livelihoods

    22 November 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Food insecurity is one of the most significant development constraints in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) Province of Indonesia. Food availability is significantly impacted by severe agro-climatic conditions and seasonality. Some efforts have been taken to assist the Government of NTT in promoting agricultural production and in adopting measures for its farmers.

  5. Norway and ILO partner to support for livelihood opportunities to the conflict affected communities

    22 November 2016,

    Norway and International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Sri Lanka have signed a partnership agreement on 22 November to extend the Government of Norway’s support to the conflict affected communities in the North. The project will address the immediate needs of decent work and livelihood opportunities at the grass root level in the conflict affected Northern Districts.

  6. ILO: Safety and health culture crucial in the Philippines

    17 November 2016, Manila, Philippines

    The ILO highlights the need for a safety and health culture especially among young workers in the Philippines to prevent workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses.

  7. Enhancing industrial relations in Indonesia through sustainable and responsible business enterprise

    16 November 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) will organize an Industrial Relations Forum titled “Sustainable and Responsible Business Enterprises within Enterprises: Pathways to Enhancing Industrial Relations in Indonesia” on Wednesday, 16 November 2016, in Jakarta.

  8. ILO to encourage positive contribution of multinational enterprises in Indonesia

    15 November 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Multinational enterprises are the principal drivers of globalization and through their operations influence the working and living conditions of people worldwide. Therefore, they have a vital role to play in promoting economic and social progress.

  9. ILO’s 16th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting to take place in Indonesia in December

    09 November 2016, Bali, Indonesia

    The APRM will be held in Bali, Indonesia, from 6 to 9 December 2016.

  10. Promoting safe migration from Pakistan: Launch of labour migration research publications

    04 November 2016, Islamabad, Pakistan

    The launch of four studies on aspects of labour migration from Pakistan to GCC countries.

  11. Promoting Decent Work in the Tea Plantation Sector in Sri Lanka- Project Briefing Meeting

    31 October 2016,

    ILO Colombo has introduced its new project “Promoting Decent Work in Tea Plantation Sector –Sri Lanka” to its tripartite constituents at a project briefing meeting held on 26th Oct 2016 at Renuka City Hotel Colombo.

  12. Youth employment interactive discussion: Bridging the gap of work for Indonesian youth

    29 October 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Today’s young people are known as the best educated generation ever and have clear ideas about fulfilling their aspirations at work and in society. However, the world is facing a growing youth unemployment crisis. In many economies, young people are 2.8 times likely to be unemployed than adults but in Indonesia youth are 4.6 times more likely to be unemployed than their adult counterparts.

  13. Improving social dialogue, productivity and working conditions is key to Viet Nam’s integration success

    24 October 2016,

    The agenda of social dialogue, productivity and working conditions is becoming more important than ever as Viet Nam is entering a new era of deeper global integration.

  14. OSH training for 800,000 RMG workers

    09 October 2016, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    800,000 ready-made garment workers across Bangladesh are set to benefit from an occupational safety and health training programme launched today in Dhaka

  15. Progress and potential: Improved working conditions in the apparel industry make workers’ lives better and businesses stronger

    06 October 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia

    An independent review of the Better Work programme shows significant gains in quality of life for workers in factories they advise, as well as enhanced productivity and profitability for those businesses involved.

  16. Launch of skills training initiative for domestic workers: Improving domestic workers’ job quality and standards

    30 September 2016, Malang, Indonesia

    Domestic work is an important occupation in many economies worldwide but it remains unrecognised as “work’’ and virtually invisible form of employment in many countries. It is also generally seen as unskilled work, a natural extension of women’s work in their own homes.

  17. Three-day teachers’ training on Safe Migration for Decent Work in the GCC countries

    23 September 2016, Lahore, Pakistan

    The ILO in partnership with the NAVTTC has developed an educational course on safe migration to improve migrants employment prospects in the GCC countries . 17 representatives from private and public TVET institutions and authorities from all over the Pakistan attended the three days training on Safe Migration for Decent Work in the GCC Countries.

  18. Launch of Pakistan’s Decent Work Country Program (DWCP, 2016-2020) and signing on project on International Labour and Environment Standards (ILES) funded by EU

    22 September 2016, Islamabad, Pakistan

    On the occasion of the launch of Pakistan’s Decent Work Country Program (DWCP, 2016-2020) and signing of project on International Labour and Environment Standards (ILES) funded by EU

  19. Statement - Conviction of labour rights activist Andy Hall in Thailand

    21 September 2016, Bangkok, Thailand

    by Maurizio Bussi, ILO Country Director for Thailand, Cambodia and Lao PDR

  20. Promoting safe migration from Pakistan: Pakistan’s second Migrant Resource Centre inaugurated in Lahore

    20 September 2016, Lahore, Pakistan

    The momentous occasion of the official opening of the Pakistan’s second Migrant Resource Centre (MRC), was held on the 20 September, 2016 in the presence of the representatives from government departments, civil society, INGOs, NGOs and media. Department of Labour and Human Resource Punjab has established this centre in collaboration with the ILO, EU and ICMPD.

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