Feature articles


  1. The neatest vegetable plot in Timor Leste

    29 August 2016

    A couple of years ago Juanico Soares saw an opportunity to improve his and his family’s lives by partnering with Josephina Farm, a Timorese owned enterprise that provides agriculture support and buys vegetables from farmers for on-sale to Dili supermarkets and restaurants.

  2. Making Chinese factories safer

    24 August 2016

    The ILO SCORE programme helps factories in China improve their record on occupational safety.

  3. © ILO/A.Azhari 2016

    After the volcano: From displaced person to business woman

    18 August 2016

    An Indonesian woman displaced after a volcanic eruption opened a successful business after ILO training on financial education and entrepreneurship.

  4. Cooking up a brighter future in Bangladesh

    12 August 2016

    A young woman in Bangladesh benefits from ILO skills training, highlighting the leading role of youth in poverty eradication and achieving sustainable development.

  5. Building bridges for indigenous people in Bangladesh

    09 August 2016

    On the occasion of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, we spoke to Sulekha Mrong, an indigenous Garo woman from the rolling hills of north-eastern Bangladesh. She explains how an ILO initiative helps indigenous people to better understand their rights as well as forge positive relationships with government authorities.

  6. Towards Decent Work – Workers take action

    02 August 2016

    Nearly 92 per cent of the Indian labour force is employed in the informal economy. It is crucial that workers learn about their rights so as to protect themselves from exploitation. However, for the future of work in India -- formalization is the step in right direction.

  7. Unlocking a herbal business opportunity in Timor-Leste

    27 July 2016

    Thirty-six year old Ruben da Silva Gusmao knows that he will not be an employee for the rest of his life. He is motivated to become an entrepreneur, considering the vast unlocked business opportunities in the Timor-Leste market.

  8. ILO-Thai Trade Unions meeting on Trade Unions agenda for decent work in Thailand

    25 July 2016

  9. ASEAN Community 2015: Managing integration for better jobs and shared prosperity

    25 July 2016

    Will the AEC help Thailand’s 66.5 million women and men prosper ? From the onset of the century, Thailand national development plans have moved from a growth-oriented approach to one that centres on people and aims at more sustainable, equitable and resilient development, as highlighted in the 11th National Economic and Social Development Plan (11th NESDP). Trade measures leading to deeper integration under the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) could unlock new opportunities for growth and support efforts towards a more prosperous and equal society, if relevant policies are in place.

  10. After the flood: Turning disaster into opportunity

    21 July 2016

    Following the devastating floods in Pakistan’s rural Sindh province, the International Labour Organization joined the United Nations to help thousands of families put their lives back on track.

  11. The Voice of the Voiceless Campaign: Mariana Renata

    21 July 2016

    “My name is Yohana and I am living with HIV,” narrated Mariana Renata, a top Indonesian model, joining other artists and athletes around the world in the ILO’s “Voice of the Voiceless” initiative to give voice to people living with HIV/AIDS who are not able to tell their own stories.

  12. Working with dignity and freedom

    14 July 2016

    Anupa talks about how informed migration, fair recruitment practices can play a pivotal role in ensuring decent work for many migrant women workers like her.

  13. Story of Yohana: “I am as productive as other workers”

    04 July 2016

    Yohana* (name has been changed) is one of the plantation workers at one of the multinational company in Papua. She heard about HIV and AIDS, but she had never really learnt about it. She even never thought about HIV.

  14. Delicious original meatball business

    23 June 2016

    Two years ago, realizing that no meatballs made by Timorese were available at local supermarkets, a 42-year-old woman, Luisa Maria S. da Silva, was inspired to become a supplier of fresh meatballs.

  15. More employment opportunities for people with disabilities

    15 June 2016

    The Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Manpower has developed and implemented programme initiatives to promote equal employment opportunity for people with disabilities. The Ministry of Manpower has also participated and supported the ILO’s PROPEL-Indonesia project. To learn about what has been done and what will be further done on disability related issues, below is the interview with Sapto Purnomo, Deputy Director for Vulnerable Labour Placement of the Directorate of Domestic Manpower Placement of the Ministry of Manpower.

  16. Zety’s dedication and strength

    09 June 2016

    Behind her calmness and softness, there lies great enthusiasm and strength. Lizete Maria Maia dos Santos, 42 years old, is one of few women in Timor-Leste working as a Village Livestock Worker, and has done so since 2003.

  17. Diversity brings prosperity in Northern Sri Lanka

    01 June 2016

    The ILO and Australian government are working to reduce vulnerability and strengthen market networks for Sri Lankan smallholders.

  18. Immediate recovery from disaster through emergency employment

    30 May 2016

    With the minimum wage she earned in the 15-day Emergency Employment programme she was able to buy food for her son. She was also enrolled in social security, accident and health insurance, and received personal protective equipment (PPE).

  19. Skills acquisition towards recovery

    30 May 2016

    While Ponciano delos Santos, Jr’s participation in one of the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) training programmes was thanks to a stroke of good luck, how he positioned himself to achieve his goals was the product of hard work and perseverance in the face of adversity, both natural and man-made.

  20. Climate-resilient path to recovery

    30 May 2016

    Lia participated in the water shed rehabilitation programme and for 15 days of work received Php260.00 daily minimum wage, three months' enrolment in social security and health insurance, a year of accident insurance, personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand tools.