Communities of Practice (CoP)

This provides an overview of ILO-sponsored Communities of Practice in Asia and the Pacic.

Document | 27 November 2013

ILO-sponsored Communities of Practice

A Community of Practice (CoP) is essentially a group of professionals, informally or formally bound together through exposure to a common set problems or pursuit of a common set of solutions. The rationale for using the CoP approach is that it:
  • Is one of the most cost efficient ways of working and that it;
  • Improves service delivery and enhances individual and organizational learning;
  • Increases ownership and helps shape policy through sharing knowledge and experiences; and
  • Concentrates energies and resources around niche areas of work.
Listed below are ongoing ILO-sponsored Communities of Practices, all in support of meeting the Asia-Pacific Decent Work Decade targets.

ILO constituents and other partners are encouraged to register and become members of the CoP which best suits their interests.

Asia-Pacific Knowledge Network on Green Jobs (Green Jobs)

Green jobs have become an emblem of a more sustainable economy and society that preserves the environment for present and future generations and is more equitable and inclusive of all people and all countries.

This CoP connects green jobs employment experts from across the Asia Pacific region to one another and to key resources.

Asia-Pacific Knowledge Network on Industrial Relations (AP-IRNet)

Industrial and employment relations regimes are largely determined by national legal systems and culture, but countries across the region are experiencing common challenges. Cross-regional exchange of resources, experiences, and ideas is therefore key to address these challenges.

AP-IRNet is providing access to resources, discussion forums and news on labour and employment relations.

Asia-Pacific Knowledge Network on Migration (AP-MagNet)

Asia-Pacific hosts about 25 per cent of the world’s international migrants and labour migration has become a structural feature of societies and economies in the region. To maximize the benefits and reduce exploitation during the migration process, international cooperation and sharing of experience and expertise are crucial. AP-MagNet provides a space for such cooperation and cross-border communication.

AP-MagNet connects experts and practitioners in the field of labour migration from across Asia and the Pacific. It provides a collaborative workspace for all its members to access resources, discussion forums and information about the latest news and events.

Asia-Pacific Knowledge Network on Skills and Employability

Many countries in the Asia-Pacific face similar challenges in terms of skills development. There are also numerous examples of the ways that the countries have addressed these challenges.

This CoP provides a one-stop access point to resources, training programmes, events and news on different aspects of skills development. More importantly, it is a collaborative workspace to discuss ideas, share experiences and collaborate on projects.

Asia-Pacific Knowledge Network on Youth Employment (APYouthNet)

Young people are an incredible source of energy and creativity. Still, although only one in five workers are between the ages of 15 and 24, this group accounts for almost half the region's jobless. APYouthNet is a CoP that connects youth employment experts from across the Asia-Pacific region.

The CoP brings together individuals engaged in designing and implementing policies and programmes that promote decent and productive work for young women and men.