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The ILO organizes and takes part in a wide range of meetings, conferences, workshops and training events, throughout Asia Pacific. More information about the events listed below can be found by clicking on the relevant link, or by contacting the regional Meetings Unit (Email us)

December 2021

  1. Changing labour market transitions in Asia and the Pacific

    14 - 15 December 2021

    The workshop will focus on the realities of Asian societies in terms of ongoing changes in labour market transitions and, more generally, over the life course.

  2. Webinar Series on Public Employment Service and its linkage to Skills Development and Employment #1: Current development and future direction for improvement of PES for job matching and skills development

    2 December 2021

  3. Strengthening Social Dialogue Policy and Practices: Constituents Review of Social Dialogue & Tripartite Mechanisms in Thailand

    1 December 2021

    Thailand practices tripartism and social dialogue and it has many advisory social dialogue bodies, including at bipartite mechanisms at enterprise level. This meeting is aimed at facilitating review by constituents of key challenges facing the social dialogue mechanisms and discuss way forward for making tripartism and social dialogue more effective.

  4. COP26 agreements on Just Transition – What implications for Asia and the Pacific? A discussion panel

    1 December 2021

    This special session of the Asia Pacific Green Jobs Network meeting will discuss the implications of the negotiations and events of COP26 on the Asia Pacific region. It will specifically focus on Just Transition, coal phase out, and the 04.11.2021 Declaration on Supporting The Conditions For A Just Transition Internationally: Green growth, decent work, and economic prosperity in the transition to net zero.

November 2021

  1. Trade Union Discussion on Social Protection #4: Workers’ perspectives on reformation of social protection system

    30 November 2021

    Fourth session of the Webinar series "Trade Unions Discussions on Social Protection"

  2. Launch of the Regional Learning and Action Platform - A Knowledge Hub on Labour Migration in South Asia

    24 November 2021

    Governance of Labour Migration in South and South-East Asia (GOALS) programme is launching the SOUTH ASIA CENTRE FOR LABOUR MOBILITY AND MIGRANTS (SALAM) - A knowledge hub supported by ILO, IOM and UN Women in collaboration with RMMRU, Bangladesh; CESLAM, Nepal; SDPI, Pakistan; IPS, Sri Lanka, and IIPS, India.

  3. Seminar on Social Security Agreements between India and EU Member States

    22 November 2021

    Hybrid Seminar to share the findings of the study on “Social Security Agreements between India and EU Member States” in the presence of the representatives from the EU, EU Member States and Ministry of External Affairs, GOI as well as companies that use the social security system.

  4. Journalism Exhibition and Multi-stakeholders Talk Show in Human Rights Festival 2021 “Moving Together in Diversity, Inclusivity, and Resilience to Eliminate Violence against Women Migrant Worker”

    18 November 2021

    The event is a side event of the Human Rights Festival, organized by the President’s Office, National Human Rights Commission, INFID and Semarang City Government.

  5. Apprenticeship Programme for All – How to hold Inclusive Apprenticeship Programme

    17 November 2021

    To build understanding on inclusive working place for apprenticeship programme and to seek opportunities for industries to hold inclusive apprenticeship programme.

  6. 'Going digital with women entrepreneurs in South-East Asia' with the ILO, ITCILO and Google Primer

    17 November 2021

    The ILO Rebuilding Better Project is hosting a combined launch event and workshop for women entrepreneurs in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. The event will equip women business owners who are looking to optimize their online presence with new skills, while officially launching three new ITCILO – Google Primer digital training programmes.

  7. Symposium on Trade Unions in Times of COVID-19

    17 - 19 November 2021

    This international symposium aims to provide an opportunity for trade union leaders, experts, academics and ILO officials to exchange on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world of work. Participants will discuss about strategies on how can trade unions shape the policy responses to the COVID-19 and contribute to the implementation of the ILO Global Call to Action for a human-centred recovery from the COVID-19 crisis that is inclusive, sustainable and resilient.

  8. Webinar on Bipartite and Mediation Mechanisms for Industrial Relations Dispute Settlement

    16 - 23 November 2021

    The webinar aims to strengthen bipartite and mediation mechanism for industrial relations dispute settlement as part of the actions taken by the Ministry of Manpower, with support from the ILO, to strengthen roles of mediators.

  9. One Minute Video Competition (Kompetisi Video Semenit/KOVID)

    15 November 2021 - 15 January 2022

    The video competition is aimed to raise the awareness on occupational safety and health (OSH) culture and to promote the prevention of COVID-19 at workplace among general public. The videos will be published on various social media platform including Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

  10. Regional Trade Union Workshop for promoting decent work and socially responsible labour practices in global supply chains

    15 - 16 November 2021

    This regional forum will aim to build the capacity of trade union organisations and enable workers and unions to strategically use international instruments in the field of Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) (ILO MNE Declaration, OECD Guidelines on MNEs and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights)

  11. ILO-TEMPO Interactive Discussion: Empowering Social Actors to Support Inclusive Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic

    15 November 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the Indonesian economy and society. As a result, some of the past gains in socio-economic improvements have been compromised. In view of eventual recovery, leaders discuss pathways to build back better and share visions to realize an inclusive society that leaves no one behind

  12. National Launch of the Pre-Departure Handbook for Indians going to the European Union

    11 November 2021

    The ILO, under the EU-India CDMM project developed a handbook titled Pre-departure information for Indians going to the European Union. This handbook was launched nationally by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India and the European Union, via a hybrid meeting.

  13. National Workshop on Labor Market Information (LMI) Requirements for Demand-Driven Planning of TVET

    10 November 2021

    The workshop serves the Skills for Prosperity Programme in the Philippines' objective to enhance relevance of skills delivery to the labour market needs by contributing to the development of the labour market information system.

  14. Launching Ceremony of South-South Cooperation Skills Development Network

    10 November 2021

  15. Future Trend of the World of Work and OSH after the Pandemic

    10 November 2021

    The webinar aims to encourage business to think of strategies to adapt to the uncertainties and adopt new ways of working.

  16. Partnership can double the impact

    9 November 2021

    There are four UN sister agencies - ILO, FAO, UNFPA and UNICEF - join efforts to improve livelihood and situations of herders so that they are socially protection and naturally and economically resilient to any types of shocks.

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