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The ILO organizes and takes part in a wide range of meetings, conferences, workshops and training events, throughout Asia Pacific. More information about the events listed below can be found by clicking on the relevant link, or by contacting the regional Meetings Unit (Email us)

April 2019

  1. Regional dialogue on the future of work in Asia

    29 - 30 April 2019

    The Government of Singapore, in collaboration with the social partners and in partnership with the ILO, will host a regional tripartite conference to discuss the recommendations of the report of the Global Commission on the Future of Work.

  2. ILO invites you to a 24-hour Global Tour to celebrate its Centenary

    11 April 2019

    From the time the first event begins until the last one ends, the Centenary global online tour will showcase the ILO over 24 hours, across four continents.

March 2019

  1. VCT Initiative for Trade Unions Organizations

    29 March 2019

    An integrated HIV/AIDS prevention programme for the trade union is a basis to increase awareness among trade union organizations on the importance HIV/AIDS prevention at the workplace.

  2. Working Group Meeting between Trade Unions and Employers on Decent Work for Palm Oil Plantations

    25 - 26 March 2019

    The working group is aimed to enhance the capacity of both trade unions and employers in understanding national law and international labour standards in the employment contract.

  3. National Tripartite Consultative Workshop for Promoting Occupational Safety and Health in Nepal

    11 March 2019

    Tripartite workshop to disseminate to understand the new national OSH policy of Nepal,draft OSH in construction sector standards and exchange practical experiences for improving OSH of construction sector and informal/home-based workers.

  4. Media Training and Media Fellowship on Promoting Quality Apprenticeship

    9 - 10 March 2019

    Skills mismatch and school to work transition is considered to be the main challenge and there is huge commitment from the Government of Indonesia to address this issue through apprenticeship.

  5. Social dialogue and collective bargaining mechanisms strengthened for effective dispute resolution

    5 - 6 March 2019

    The ILO Country Office with the Department of Labour (DoL), will conduct a two day training programme in Colombo for 50 Labour Officers across the country from 5- 6th March 2019.

  6. ILO-MOHRSS technical seminar on promoting decent work in global supply chains in China

    5 March 2019

    The ILO and the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security are hosting an event in Beijing to discuss the promotion of decent work in global supply chains. High level participants from multinational and national businesses, sectoral associations, employers’ and workers’ organizations, government agencies and international organizations will discuss the Responsible Supply Chains in Asia Project and its focus on the electronics and textiles sectors.

  7. Seminar for International Women’s Day 2019: Think equal, build smart and innovate for change

    4 March 2019

    Each year International Women’s Day (IWD) creates an opportunity to explore new ways of removing barriers and accelerating progress for gender equality.

  8. Monitoring Workshop on Strategic Compliance Planning for Labour Inspectors with a focus on Indonesia's Fishing Sector

    4 - 6 March 2019

    In Indonesia, an ongoing Government priority is to improve decent working conditions in the fishing sector, including through better enforcement by the labour inspectorate and strengthened coordination with other relevant regulators. In recent times, the Government has pursued several of initiatives to improve the effectiveness of the inspectorate in this sector.

  9. Creating Decent Work in Rural Sri Lanka through Building Resilience for Climate Driven Disasters

    1 March 2019

    ILO looks into means of increased resilience of disaster affected tea sector communities, farmers and MSMEs in Ratanapura, Kalutara and Kilinochchi districts.

February 2019

  1. Interactive panel discussions on socially responsible business practices in Thailand

    28 February 2019

    The ILO is holding a stakeholders’ engagement event in Bangkok on decent work for sustainable enterprises in global supply chains. The forum will present the ILO-EU-OECD project "Responsible Supply Chains in Asia" to the public, engage with relevant partners and stakeholders, as well as initiate the discussion on the labour dimension of Corporate Social Responsibility/Responsible Business Conduct and share practical tools in managing decent work in supply chains.

  2. Review and Planning Meeting

    28 February - 1 March 2019

    Work in Freedom programme in Nepal is organizing review and planning meeting with its partners who are implementing community-based interventions.

  3. Building Disaster Resilience of Vulnerable MSMEs in Kalutara and Ratnapura Districts

    28 February - 7 March 2019

    The training programmes will be held in Palindanuwara Divisional Secretariat Division in Kalutara district and Ratnapura district in Elapatha Divisional Secretariat Division. targeting 100 vulnerable MSMEs

  4. Future of Work Talk: Views and Insights of Young Indonesians

    28 February 2019

    The talks provide a venue for young Indonesians to discuss and share their aspirations about their thoughts on the impact of the future of work to their future and lives.

  5. Future of Work Seminar: Its Impact to Youth and Occupational Safety and Health

    28 February 2019

    The world of work is undergoing major changes that will continue, and potentially intensify, in the future. In the first half of 2019, all ILO member States will be invited to organize events to mark the ILO's Centenary and to discuss the report of the Future of Work Commission.

  6. Community level awareness raising seminars on FPRW for cotton growing community (farmers, workers and their families)

    27 - 28 February 2019

    ILO under its two Projects covering Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (FPRW) with a focus on Child Labour and Forced Labour in Pakistan's cotton, textile and readymade garments supply chains will organise two community level awareness raising seminars.

  7. UN International Day for Women and Girls in Science: Filipina STEM Leaders Forum

    22 February 2019

    This Forum seeks to highlight the importance of promoting STEM careers among women and girls and to inspire women in the workplace to flourish and advance in their respective fields.

  8. ASGM Technical Working Group Consultation and Planning Workshop

    12 - 14 February 2019

    The artisanal small-scale gold mining (ASGM) sector will have a consultation meeting to assess the present state of ASGM operations in the country, toward recommending legislative changes to address its issues and concerns, and formulating a medium-term National Action Plan to ensure a sustainable response.

  9. Market Place Entrepreneurship Training for Indonesian and Refugee Youth

    12 February 2019

    ILO and UNHCR are embarking on a valuable and strong partnership to pilot a livelihood training in 2018, with a potential, depending on the outcome and the evaluation, the pilot project to be turned in to a regular program for the next years ahead.

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