Online Talk Series: Women in Business in Time of COVID-19

Women in business and entrepreneurship in Lao PDR have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The ILO is organizing a series of online sessions to showcase the effects of the crisis, shared experiences from women business owners and practical advice on receiving support.

You can watch the events here.


The ILO, in collaboration with the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI), SME Service Centre (SSC) and the Lao Business Women Association, are organizing a series of online talks focused on women in business and entrepreneurship during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the six events, attendants will have a chance to learn about the impacts of the crisis on women-owned businesses, first-hand experience from business owners and the appropriate support available for them to survive and recover from the pandemic. The series brings a host of inspiring and knowledgeable guest speakers who will share their expertise, experience and practical advice for women-owned business owners.

Women in business have been hard hit by the crisis, while social restrictions have impended in-person community building and access to information. The series of events is aimed at bringing together experts and women business owners to support recovery, networking and sharing of available resources. All events will be in Lao.

The events can be watched through the Lao SME Service Centre Facebook page and website.

The Women in Business series is part of the ILO ‘Supporting Resilience to Lao MSMEs in Response to COVID-19’ project, targeted at micro-, small- and medium-enterprises affected by the pandemic.

Online Talk Series and Guest Speakers

• 19th of September: ‘The general picture of how COVID-19 affects women-owned businesses and the role of the Lao Business Women Association’, Ms. Chanthachone Vongsay – president of Lao Business Women Association

• 26th of September: ‘Voice of Women Business Owner – impact and adaptation’, Ms. Nidtaya Phetdavanh – Founder and Director of BNN Clean and Organic Agriculture Sole Co. Ltd

• 3rd of October: ‘Voice of Women Business Owner – impact and adaptation’, Ms. Christina Soukadal – Founder and Manager of Dough&Co Café

• 10th of October: ‘Voice of Women Business Owner – impact and adaptation’, Ms. Duangmany Heuangkhamsene – Founder and Manager of Her Works, Yaimaii, Contactless

• 16th of October: ‘Supporting service for women-owned businesses on how to access to Business Development Services’, Ms. Thiphaphone Phetmany – managing Director and Consultant at EDC

• 17th of October: ‘Supporting service for women-owned businesses on Access to Finance’, Ms. Ghislaine Urbaine – Manager of Banking on Women Project, Ms. Souksomchay Thammavongsa – Itecc Service Unit Manager