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ILO-NSSF Human Resource Management Workstream Workshop

The ILO-NSSF HRM Workstream Workshop took place on 26 - 28 June 2019 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The workshop was led by an international consultant on digital transformation and was attended by 15 participants from NSSF Administration Division. The workshop provides an overview of the role of Human Resource practitioners in the future of work and conducted multiple sessions to equip participants with the necessary skills and tools in job design. Through the 3-day workshop, members of the NSSF HRM Workstream was acquainted with the skills to craft out functional job description for members of the Administration division. The team was further tasked to document the job description for all the job roles within NSSF over the next 2 months. The HRM stream team members proceed to devise an approach to work from division to division so as to be able to complete job description for every single role within the organisation. NSSF HRM Workstream team is grateful for the contribution from ILO/Korea Partnership Programme for the funding and the organisation of the workshop to build capacity within NSSF.


  • To introduce NSSF HRM Workstream team on their role and objectives of the team
  • To equip the NSSF HRM Workstream team with an understanding of the role of Human Resource within an organisation
  • To enable the NSSF HRM Workstream team to be equip with the skills to write job description and an understanding and appreciation of job design

Expected outputs from the workshop are:

  • Participants to have an understanding of the role of HR within an organisation
  • Participants to be able to conduct exercises needed to document job description within NSSF
  • Participants to complete the documentation of the job description for all job roles within NSSF