Occupational safety and health

Training of Trainers (TOT) on Work Improvement in Small Construction Site (OSH-WISCON Programme)


  1. To conduct a training course (Training of Trainers on Work Improvement in Small Construction Sites, TOT/WISCON) in cooperation with the excoll consultant.
  2. To provide technical support for the workshop with newly developed "Conducting Labour Inspections on Construction - Matters to be addressed during the OSH inspection” part.
  3. To discuss with labour inspectors and other government officials in Lao PDR about Korean and Thai experiences of OSH activates for small construction sector.


  1. Under the ILO/Korea Partnership Programme, 25 WISCON trainers had been educated at New Rose Boutique Hotel, Vientiane Capital from April 2 through April 4. It was the TOT/WISCON course using a Participatory Action-Oriented Training (PAOT) approach. The trainers were consisted of governmental officials such as inspectors, OSH and labour management staffs; 14 inspectors from provincial level, 9 OSH and labour related staffs, 1 from Ministry of Health, 1 from Ministry of Public Work and Transportation.
  2. In the training programme, resource person led sessions for 25 trainers. The sessions included the introduction of PAOT methodology, WISCON programme and field visit.
  3. In addition to these sessions, OSH system and activities of Korea and Thailand were introduced to participants by staff of KOSHA and Ministry of Labour Thailand respectively. Introduction of "The ILO/Korea Partnership Programme" and the ILO guide book "A guide for labour inspectors" were shared to participants as well.
  4. From this training workshop, the MOLSW has strengthened capacity to spread out WISCON programme in provincial level as one of their training course for supporting small construction sites through educated WISCON trainers.