Training on advocacy and online complaints mechanism for migrant workers

This training aims to build capacity on advocacy for labour rights and the use of an online complaints system for migrant workers. It is organized by the ASEAN Trade Union Council (ATUC) through the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) with the support of the ILO TRIANGLE in ASEAN.

This is an interactive and participatory training organised for focal points for labour migration from ASEAN, alternate focal points from ATUC affiliates and the ATUC Secretariat. The participants are expected to contribute to the training by sharing their experience dealing with workers’ rights, including migrant workers’ rights, in their respective countries. This will facilitate discussions in planning an advocacy campaign and using the online ATUC Information System (ATIS) for inquiries and complaints of migrant workers.


  • Train the focal points for labour migration on advocacy, lobbying and campaigning to promote the rights of migrant workers;
  • Present and discuss the ATUC advocacy priorities for labour migration in ASEAN and identify specific activities to achieve the advocacy objectives;
  • Guide the focal points on how to write progress reports based on the template for reporting; and
  • Walk through focal points in using the draft user manual of the improved ATUC Information System (ATIS) for Migrant Workers on the online complaints mechanism and referral system.

Expected outputs

The training is expected to achieve the following:
  • An agreed advocacy plan pushing for trade union involvement in improving and implementing regional and national policies and frameworks for labour migration;
  • Public campaign messages for specific target audiences;
  • Adoption of the template for reporting on progress of advocacy interventions and provision of services to migrant workers; and
  • Suggestions for improving ATIS and its user manual.