Regional Conference on Women and the Future of Work in Asia and the Pacific

What is the future of work that we want? How fair can we all make the future of work? How can we shape, manage and encourage change so that women have an equal stake in the world of work? Leaders from across Asia and the Pacific - government, unions, business, and academia - highlighted the tools and policies needed to ensure that women have an equal share in the region’s economic potential.

Climate change, technology, casualisation of work, demographics, globalization, migration... These drivers are radically transforming the world of work as we know it.  As the ‘Future of Work’ is being discussed around the world, women continue to be the most under-utilized and potentially game-changing factor for a fair and prosperous economy. Join the discussion on #FoWomenAP

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The conference organized by the ILO and sponsored by the Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business examined the opportunities and challenges of the future at work for women in Asia and the Pacific. It will serve as a platform for discussions to advance ideas and solutions to ensuring a positive Future of Work  for men and women alike. Recent research shows that if women’s participation was increased by 25 per cent by 2025, US$5.8 trillion would be added to the global economy, 1.5 trillion US to government revenues, in addition to benefits to the welfare of women and their families (ILO, 2017). A recent ILO-Gallup report confirmed that the majority of women and men worldwide would prefer that women work in paid jobs and find it acceptable for women to have paid work outside of the home.