Meetings of Project Steering Committee on Combatting Unacceptable Forms of Work in the Fishing and Seafood Industry funded by the European Union (EU)

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) is a multidisciplinary grouping of the key partners and stakeholders responsible for providing guidance on the implementation of the project.

PSC Minutes

PSC Agenda

The purpose of the PSC is to provide a platform for project participation and advice from ILO constituents, MoL and EU Delegation to Thailand and other key stakeholders. The PSC:
  • Provides strategic guidance and high level advice to the project to maximise its impact.
  • Reviews and provides inputs to the project’s annual work-plan and endorse it.
  • Reviews and provides input's to the Annual Interim Reports of activities conducted and endorse them.
  • Reviews and provides guidance on project research and publications.
  • Facilitates and monitors project implementation.
  • Raises and discusses relevant policy developments at the sectoral and national level to highlight and enhance the project’s value to stakeholders in the evolving policy scenario.
  • Promotes the project through their respective networks and identifies opportunities for synergies with other initiatives.
  • Shares project results, lessons learned and good practices to contribute policy discussions and explores potential for replication and scaling-up.


  • The PSC meeting convenes twice a year to review the annual report and following year’s work plan. As and when appropriate, the PSC may hold additional meetings to discuss a specific activity or output of the project that is of interest to the various members.
  • Wherever possible, the PSC operates and establishes its own procedures and makes decisions on the basis of consensus.
  • As a matter of principle, the PSC must operate in a transparent manner. Official minutes of the meetings and specific decisions on project matters are kept and circulated for comments and endorsed and made available to members.
  • Secretarial support to the PSC is provided by the Ministry of Labour and the ILO. The project’s Senior Technical Officer and National Project Coordinators are responsible for overall project coordination, and monitoring the implementation of PSC decisions. The Ministry of Labour is responsible for notifying the PSC members of the meetings, maintaining the PSC records, and distributing the Minutes to members.


The PSC is co-chaired by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labour or his/her designate; and the Ambassador as Head of Delegation to the EU Delegation for Thailand or his/her designate.

The PSC is comprised of members nominated from relevant Ministries, employers’ organization and workers’ organizations as follows:
  1. Ministry of Labour: Office of the Permanent Secretary, International Cooperation Department, Department of Employment, Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, and Social Security Office
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Office of the Permanent Secretary, and Bureau of Coordination For International Cooperation
  3. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives: Department of Fisheries
  4. Command Centre to Combat Illegal Fishing (CCCIF)
  5. Ministry of Transport: Marine Department
  6. State Enterprises Workers’ Relations Confederation
  7. Employers’ Confederation of Thailand (ECOT)
  8. National Fisheries Association of Thailand
  9. Stella Maris Seafarers’ Centre
  10. Migrant Working Group
The 2nd PSC proposed to invite the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and Marine Education and Conservation Center (MECC) as observers to the meeting.

The ILO Country Office Director for Thailand, Cambodia and Lao PDR and the project management team represent the ILO in the meeting.

Other concerned organizations and project partners are invited to participate in specific sessions of the PSC, as resource persons or observers, such as Non-governmental organizations, International organizations and Buyer reference groups.