Saphan Siang Youth Ambassador Capstone Event

To celebrate the achievements of Round II of the Saphan Siang Youth Ambassador programme, a Capstone (Graduation) Event was held on 5 June 2015 in Bangkok. The event was an opportunity for all twenty Youth Ambassadors and host organizations (CSO partners) to share their experiences; to reflect lessons learned and strategize the next steps of the programme; and for the Youth Ambassadors to present their proposed community outreach projects as part of their continued engagement with the campaign. Several of the campaign’s supporters, including UN-ACT and UN Women participated in the event.

The Saphan Siang Youth Ambassadors programme has proven to be a successful and instrumental part of the Saphan Siang campaign. Being exposed to migration and trafficking issues on the ground and engaging with migrant worker communities has allowed the Youth Ambassadors to gain a better understanding of the complex realities facing migrants in Thailand. The Ambassadors have become skilled advocates in their communities and universities. Their journeys have been documented and shared within and beyond the campaign’s existing networks, allowing a broad audience to engage in their experiences. This year, the programme received an impressive amount of media traction. Several leading media outlets including Channel 3, Thai PBS, Voice TV, and Thomson Reuters Foundation joined the event. The event was also covered by the New York Times, with an article that was viewed over 63 million times. These achievements are owed to the dynamism and dedication of the Youth Ambassadors themselves, and the incredible support they have received from their host organizations.

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