Expert Group Meeting on Green Growth and Green Jobs for Youth

The expert group meeting will be organized jointly by the Division for Social Policy and Development (DSPD) of UNDESA, ESCAP, ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific and the UNEP. The meeting will take place at the United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC) in Bangkok from 12-13 December 2012.

Objectives and methodology

The expert group meeting will attempt to gain a better understanding of the challenges towards creating green jobs, identify promising initiatives and examples for green jobs and youth employment creation, in particular in Asia and the Pacific, and propose policy recommendations at the global, regional and national levels.

The overall objective of the meeting is to link green jobs policies with existing initiatives that are aimed at youth and identify possible synergies between them. It will look at enhancing opportunities for green and decent work creation for youth through investment promotion, skills development, training and entrepreneurship promotion. Promoting micro and small enterprises and providing training and education for young people so they can fully participate in the emerging green economy will be the focus of the meeting.

To accomplish these objectives, experts will be drawn from governments, social partners, academia and practitioners, specialized international agencies, representatives of youth organizations and other partners from across regions, in particular from Asia and the Pacific to provide experiences in the area of creating green jobs for young people.

ILO will present background analysis on green jobs. The exchange of views among the experts will contribute to efforts by countries to develop green jobs strategies with a focus on youth. Opportunities will also be given for exchanges and discussions with the youth from the region, in particular through a panel discussion that will associate experts and youth representatives.

Expected Outputs

The outcome of this meeting will influence how the relevant intergovernmental bodies will shape the issue of promoting green jobs for young people. The meeting will produce the following outputs:

  • Key messages, policy recommendations and proposals for action;
  • Papers by experts on a topic or area related to the theme of the meeting and each expert’s greatest interest;
  • A final report on the deliberations and outcome of the meeting.

Target participants:

The meeting was attended by more than 150 participants from Governments, academia, specialized national and international agencies, trade unions and employers’ organizations, non-governmental organizations and the youth movement.