New standards on child labour for Thailand

Establishing new regulations and standards covering hazardous child labour in Thailand, particularly in agriculture and the shrimp, fisheries and related industries, will be the focus of a technical workshop to be held 16-17 November in Hua Hin.

Organized by the Ministry of Labour, Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, the workshop aims at establishing a Hazardous Child Labour List in the seafood processing and fishing industries in Thailand. The workshop is part of the ILO-IPEC project "Combating the Worst Forms of Child Labour in shrimp and Seafood Processing Areas in Thailand" (2010-2014). The workshop is also part of a process of developing together with Government of Thailand counterparts a multi- year capacity building and a training programme aimed at addressing child labour and forced labour situations in the seafood processing industry.

Approximately 55 participants representing the national working group on Hazardous Child Labour, Ministry of Labour from central and provincial offices, Department of Fisheries, Thai Frozen Foods Association, ECOT and Thai Workers' Trade Unions will participate. The ILO will provide some technical expertise to this workshop which is expected to outline a list of hazardous child labour in the sectors mentioned above.