GET Ahead trainers’ alumni meeting in Cambodia

A two-day networking and knowledge-sharing meeting for experienced trainers who regularly use the GET Ahead training methodology for the promotion of women’s entrepreneurship development in Cambodia.

1. Background

Thousands of Cambodian micro and small entrepreneurs gain their business skills through participating in training workshops on Gender and Entrepreneurship Together for Women in Enterprise (GET Ahead) organized by WEDGE Project partners such as national and international NGOs and provincial training centers. Up to now, more than 100 GET Ahead trainers who have been trained by WEDGE project are implementing training based on the GET Ahead methodology and manual. In order to keep improving the quality of their training delivery, WEDGE project is organizing a two-day meeting for these trainers to exchange experiences and to establish a sustainable network.

The ILO GET Ahead training manual has proven to be a powerful tool to promote micro and small enterprise development for people who would like to start or expand their income generation activities. It contains key business principles, using simple, participatory methods which match adult learning styles and are especially effective when used with low literacy groups. The training techniques covered during the TOT workshops included: role play, case studies, brainstorming, and small group discussions. Since its introduction in Cambodia in 2004, the GET Ahead training manual has been used extensively by international and national NGOs.

2. Objectives

The specific learning objectives for the participants in the GET Ahead trainers’ alumni meeting are:

  • To share their experiences regarding training delivery using the GET Ahead methodology and compare hand-outs with a view to development by WEDGE of a booklet of hand-outs for training participants;
  • To improve their understanding of the gender-sensitive methodology and delivery of relevant sessions in the GET Ahead manual;
  • To discuss any constraints that they have encountered and to identify appropriate solutions to overcome these constraints;
  • To exchange strategies that each organisation applies to promote micro and small entrepreneurship at grass root level among rural and urban women;
  • To discuss sustainability of the trainers’ network and strategies for improved networking after the end of the WEDGE project.

3. Expected Outputs

As a result of this meeting, the Cambodian network of GET Ahead trainers will have been strengthened, and steps will have been taken towards the creation of a sustainable and independent national network that generates monitoring information about the use and impact of the GET Ahead methodology.

4. Target groups

The workshop is intended for expert trainers who use the GET Ahead training methodology in their work on a regular basis.

5. Tentative date and venue

22-23 February 2011, Kampong Cham (Cambodia). Venue to be decided.

6. Implementing Agency