Workshop on law and tax benefit for hiring people with disabilities - Employers' Activities Thailand

A joint event organized by the Employers' Confederation of Thailand (ECOT), the department of Law of Thammasat University, and ILO. The workshop will provide employers with relevant information on recent laws and taxation benefits that apply to employers who decide to hire people with disabilities in Thailand. It will also be an opportunity to share information on global inclusive business initiatives and networks.

1. Background

The process of globalization brings about both positive and negative impact to different business sectors. While globalization brought many opportunities for development and increased prosperity, some groups of disadvantaged people such as people with disabilities have still being left behind. In Thailand, the Empowerment Act of People with Disabilities was enacted in 2007 imposing obligations on public and private sectors to employ people with disabilities according to the ratio specifying under the Ministerial Regulation. However, the Ministerial Regulation specifying ratio of the quota system has not been enacted and the Ministerial Regulation under the former related Act is in force to fulfill this gap. On the 22th of June 2010, the Cabinet of the Royal Thai Government rendered a resolution to approve the Ministerial Regulation on the new quota system which public and private organizations are mandated to hire one disabled person for every 100 employees, instead of 200 employees under the current Ministerial Regulation. Currently, the Council of State is reviewing the draft of the new Ministerial Regulation.

While many employers in Thailand have since long embraced the concept of social corporate responsibilities, the employment of people with disabilities in the private sector remains low due to lack of awareness and understanding of laws. Employers are though starting to realize that the price of excluding people with disabilities is high in Thailand. According to the Employers’ Confederation of Thailand (ECOT), it reveals that many employers have difficulties in discharging their obligations under the disability laws due to their complexity and have sought advices from the ECOT.

In view of the above, the ECOT, in collaboration with the ILO and Thammasat University, decided to launch the Workshop on law and tax benefit for hiring people with disabilities with a view to create mutual understanding on laws related to employment of people with disabilities, encourage and promote good corporate practices in giving the opportunity to people with disabilities and learn experiences, problems, challenges of the business/private sector in Thailand in the areas of hiring people with disabilities.

The workshop will promote legal understanding and will also provide an open venue for the Employers to share experiences and commitment towards constructive business code of practices.

2. Objectives

2.1 To raise awareness among employers on the implementation of the Persons with Disabilities Empowerment Act, B.E. 2550 (2007) and related Ministerial Regulations that aim at increasing access to the labour market for people with disabilities.

2.2 To emphasize on tax benefit and other advantages for employers who employ people with disabilities

2.3 To identify difficulties in implementing the law and regulation and find solutions

2.4 To provide a sample of strategies that might be employed to give effect to the Ministerial Regulations.

2.5 To share good practices of employing people with disabilities among employers.

3. Expected Outputs:

An awareness-raising workshop on law and tax benefit for hiring people with disabilities is delivered to 70 employers in Thailand.

4. Target groups

Approximately 70 business participants will attend the workshop as an entry point for the business/private sector to work in partnership with ECOT, the Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Social Development and Human Security in support of the law and Ministerial Regulations.

5. Tentative date and venue

8 February 2011, 13.00-16.30, The Employers’ Confederation of Thailand, 888/8 Global Electric Building, 3rd Floor, Srinakarin Road, Samutprakarn 10270 Thailand.

6.Implementing Agency

The Employers’ Conederation of Thailand (ECOT), Thammasat University and the International Labour Office, ILO.