A3 –52099: Trade Union Training on Climate Change Policies, Green Jobs & Decent Work

This training workshop, “A3-52099: Trade Union Training on Climate Change Policies, Green Jobs & Decent Work”, is designed to enhance the understanding of trade unions on climate change policies and its linkages with ILO standards and policies for promoting Decent Work. The training is expected to contribute towards unions’ technical and organizational capacities for effective social dialogue for policy development and initiatives for decent work in ‘green economy’ and to promote greening & decent work in existing jobs.

Objectives of the workshop

This workshop is aimed at capacity building of trade unions in the area of climate change policies, green jobs and decent work. It will contribute to:

  • Developing understanding of climate change challenges and related mitigation & adaptation issues and their consequences for employment and development;
  • Strengthening trade union capacities to contribute towards policy making and initiatives for green and decent jobs at national/regional/international tripartite and bipartite discussions, collective bargaining and decision-making processes;
  • An effective advocacy network among the national trade unions which facilitates information and experience sharing among leaders and officers who are directly involved in policy-making processes to promote green and decent jobs.


Mr Arun Kumar, Senior Programme Officer/Activities Manager-Asia Pacific Workers Education Programme, ACTRAV-Turin
Tel: +39 11 693 6111