ILO-ASEAN Trade Union Council (ATUC) Sub Regional Seminar on Regional Integration

ASEAN as a regional grouping of 10 countries in the East Asia region is fast developing into a strong sub regional economic and political block. In order to strengthen economic and political cooperation it has develop a number of policies including favourable schemes export-import tariffs and relaxed visa requirements for travel within the block. It has extended its cooperation with “ASEAN plus 3” concept that include India, Japan and China as trading partners and they participate in all ASEAN meetings. ASEAN has developed cooperation with the European Union resulting in greater trading between the two blocks and also it holds annual meetings between the two groupings.

Objectives of the seminar

The overall objective of the seminar is the establishment of a strengthened and effective sub regional trade union organization. The seminar will particularly focus on:

  • Strengthening ATUC participation and involvement in ILO ASEAN programmes
  • Measures to strengthen ATUC structures for it to have an effective participation and engagement with ASEAN
  • Discussion with ASEAN Secretary General on ASEAN ATUC relations
  • Joint planning on ILO-ATUC-ITUC AP cooperation


Mr Raghwan, Specialist in Workers’ Activities

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