Local development for decent work

Globalization presents new opportunities for many in Asia and the Pacific, but it also brings new challenges for rural and urban communities, cities and regions. The impressive growth in recent years has led to improved quality of life and work; however, one billion people in Asia still suffer from lack of access to basic social and economic services, lack of employment opportunities and poor working conditions. Especially in the informal economy, women, young people, people living with disabilities, those affected by HIV/AIDS and not least indigenous peoples often struggle to earn their livelihoods.

The ILO’s work on Local Development for Decent Work supports the improvement of livelihoods, creation of decent jobs and the development of sustainable local economies. The approach is guided by some core principles:

  • Local skills, assets and resources as the basis for development
  • Ownership and participation of communities and local government institutions in the design and implementation of local development initiatives
  • Partnerships between the public and the private sector
  • Enabling informal micro and small enterprises and their workers to enter the formal economy
  • Preventing child labour, trafficking, forced and bonded labour
  • Improving access to financial services such as credit, savings, micro leasing and insurance
  • Preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS
  • Strengthening dialogue and collaboration between policy makers, employers’ and workers’ associations

The ILO assists member states and social partners in developing and implementing local development for decent work strategies. Means of action include capacity building and training, technical cooperation, research, and knowledge sharing. Keeping in mind that a sustainable local development approach must be locally owned and managed, the ILO primarily acts as a facilitator by strengthening local institutions and building capacity of local stakeholders and partners.

As part of the ADWD resource kit, please download the booklet “Local Development for Decent Work”. The booklet serves as a gateway into ILO expertise and knowledge within this regional priority area. It briefly discusses key aspects of the Local Development for Decent Work approach in Asia and the Pacific, and - in the electronic version – links directly to key resources, tools and related projects.