Malaysia resources

August 2022

  1. “Financing Business Growth for Women Entrepreneurs” Workshop series

    25 August 2022

    The ILO’s Rebuilding Better Project and the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC) invites women entrepreneurs in Malaysia to join a workshop series on external financing options for business growth.

May 2022

  1. TRIANGLE in ASEAN Quarterly Briefing Notes

    TRIANGLE in ASEAN works with labour ministries, workers' and employers' organizations, recruitment agency associations, civil society organizations in six countries in ASEAN; Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR), Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Below Quarterly Briefing Notes give an update on our work during the previous quarter.

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    Malaysia’s women entrepreneurs kickstart their financial journey with KUSKOP and the ILO

    The Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives and the International Labour Organization have launched a new collaboration to organize a series of virtual events to enhance women entrepreneurs’ access to finance.

  3. TRIANGLE in ASEAN Key Results

    Key programme results for 2011-2021

March 2022

  1. Staff list: ILO in Malaysia

  2. Intersecting identities and experiences during labour migration: Perspectives of migrants with diverse sexual orientation, gender identities, gender expression and sexual characteristics (SOGIESC)

    20 April 2022

    Organized by the joint ILO-UN Women Safe and Fair Programme, this webinar aims to highlight challenges and opportunities labour migrants with diverse SOGIESC face in ASEAN region and ways of rights protection.

  3. Malaysia ratifies the Protocol of 2014 to the Forced Labour Convention

    Malaysia becomes the 58th country in the world, and the second ASEAN member State to ratify that Protocol.

  4. Cost of recruitment in the Indonesia–Malaysia migration corridor: Employer perspectives from participating plantation companies

    This study looks into the recruitment costs borne by select companies that employ migrant workers in Malaysian palm oil plantations. It examines the companies’ roles and the processes involved in the recruitment of migrant workers; identifies the costs borne by these companies; and identifies good practices and areas for improvement.

  5. Measuring labour migration in ASEAN: Analysis from the ILO’s International Labour Migration Statistics (ILMS) Database

    This report presents the latest statistics on international labour migration in ASEAN.

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    Migrant worker accommodation standards in ASEAN need further improvement

    A new report by the ILO highlights migrant worker living standards in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia and the steps needed to ensure decent and adequate accommodation.