Decent Work in the Rubber Glove Supply Chain in Malaysia

Decent work and aspiration for Malaysia's rubber glove supply chain.

Date issued: 31 January 2023 | Size/duration: 00:01:52
In order to meet the global demand, the rubber glove industry is seeking ways to address labour shortage, including through increased automation and immigration. Decent work deficits in the industry are, among others unfair recruitment practices, forced labour, lower levels of social dialogue, and occupational safety and health practices. Over the longer term, the industry is faced with the opportunities and challenges that will come with the transformation it seeks to achieve, which will require innovation, investments in technology and skills, securing stable rubber supplies, while improving the quality, and therefore attractiveness, of jobs in the sector.

The “Sustainable Supply Chains to Build Forward Better” is a joint initiative of the International Labour Organization and European Union (EU) that sets out to advance decent work in five selected global supply chains for a fair, resilient, and sustainable COVID-19 crisis recovery. Rubber glove manufacturing in Malaysia is one of them.