Staff list: ILO in Cambodia

Finance and Administrative Assistant

ILO in Cambodia

Mr Sophorn TunNational Coordinator
Mr Bunleng RosFinance and Administrative Assistant
Ms Malina LoungProgramme Assistant

Strengthening Skills Development in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar through South- South and Triangular Cooperation

Mr Kimroeun Kouy National Project Officer

Promotion of a Safe and Healthy Working Environment

Mr Sokha SeangFinance and Administrative Assistant

UN Joint Programme on Youth Employment

Ms Socheata Sou National Project Coordinator
Mr Kimly KhengFinance and Administrative Assistant

UN Joint Programme Social Protection

Mr Jie Yu KohProject Manager
Mr Giulio Bordon Technical Officer
Ms Sokgech HengNational Project Coordinator
Ms Kanhchana KimFinance and Administrative Assistant

COVID-19 Socio-Economic Recovery

Mr Kong EavProject Manager
Mr Damnang NilNational Project Coordinator
Ms Sovanchan Phrearum KeoAdministrative Assistant
Mr Sophara NhepField Engineer
Mr Lalin TuyField Engineer
Mr Som RuomNational Technician
Mr Samai CheaDriver
Mr Tep Virith Driver

Tripartite Action to Protect Migrant Workers within and from the Greater Mekong Subregion from Labour Exploitation (GMS TRIANGLE project)

Mr Veth VornNational Project Coordinator
Ms Raksa Sophorn PreapFinance and Administrative Assistant

Ship to Shore Rights South East Asia

Mr Sambo SokNational Project Coordinator
Mr Vibol BoFinance and Administrative Assistant

Better Factories Cambodia

Ms Sara ParkProgram Manager
Ms Jenny HickeyDeputy Program Manager
Ms Machiko Kitagawa Acting Deputy Programme Manager
Ms Chansopheaktra ChhayAdvisor/Assessor
Ms Chanmalis KongEnterprise Assessor
Ms Chhornsocheata KhutAdvisor/Assessor
Mr Dara NouTeam Leader Training
Mr Daramongkol KeoCommunication Officer
Ms Ditine KangTeam Leader Advisory
Ms Kolina Keo Finance Assistant
Ms Krisna PhhumAdministrative Assistant
Ms Kunthea HinAdvisor/Assessor
Mr Kuyhang HengAdvisor/Assessor
Mr Leangchhoung TaingTrainer/Advisor
Mr Narith NangTeam Leader Assessment
Ms Nary Heng Enterprise Assessor
Ms Navy PatEnterprise Advisor and Trainer
Ms Noreth SimTrainer/Advisor
Mr Nam SengAdvisor/Assessor
Ms Pheaktra MinTraining Assistant
Ms Pheary NouAdvisor/Assessor
Ms Rida ThyAdvisor/Assessor
Mr Sam Ol OrkEnterprise Assessor
Mr Sarom YinAdvisor/Assessor
Ms Sokha ChovAdvisor/Assessor
Mr Sokheng RosFinance and Administrative Manager
Mr Sokheng LyEnterprise Assessor
Mr Sokrethyuthea UngTrainer/Advisor
Ms Sokunthea SinAdministrative Secretary
Ms Somana LyEnterprise Assessor
Ms Somery VanIT Assistant
Mr Sophal CheaTeam Leader Assessment
Ms Sophanny MomAdvisor/Assessor
Ms Sophea SoeungAdvisor/Assessor
Mr Sothea SivAdvisor/Assessor
Ms Sovanthyda TanTrainer/Advisor
Ms Sereysocheata RosAdvisor/Assessor
Ms Solida SambathAdmin Assistant-CS
Ms Soleab LounTrainer/Advisor
Ms Sophea LimOffice Support Assistant
Ms Sophearith ChhyMonitoring and Evaluation Officer
Mr Thoeun RosProject Officer
Ms Tyna ThonEnterprise Assessor
Ms Thida Tho Trainer/Advisor
Ms Vimol LimProgramme Officer Database Management and Business Relations
Mr Vina AmEnterprise Assessor
Mr Virak Nuon Project Officer
Ms Sopheak Virya ChroengEnterprise Advisor and Trainer
Mr Visedh KoyEnterprise Assessor
Ms Vouthy Heng Advisor/Assessor
Mr Vuthy ChourEnterprise Assessor
Mr Youhong LayEnterprise Assessor
Mr Yarith ChhaiCommunication Intern