Brunei Darussalam resources

December 2019

  1. Presentation on Organizing migrant domestic workers and the collaborations between trade unions and civil society organizations

  2. Presentation on Role of recruitment agencies in protecting and providing support services to women migrant workers

  3. Presentation on Role of trade unions in protecting and providing support services to women migrant workers

  4. Presentation on Good practices on the certification and recognition of skills and addressing women’s needs in relation to OSH, and their access to services, justice and social protection

  5. Presentation on the Founding Conference on the Domestic Workers_FENASOL statement

  6. Presentation on Measures to promote and establish a fair recruitment system

  7. Presentation on South Asian Regional Trade Union Council's initiatives to support the establishment of fair recruitment systems, particularly for women migrant workers

  8. Presentation on Background Paper on Labour Mobility between Asia and the Arab States: Sharing of experiences and progress under the Bali Declaration with specific focus on women migrant workers

  9. Inter-regional meeting: Session 1: Bios of Speakers

November 2019

  1. Migrating in ASEAN with a mobile phone: Gender gaps are not only in migrants’ salaries, but also in digital access

    The increasingly widespread access to and use of the Internet in the ASEAN region has meant that more migrant workers are now seeking information using social media platforms. However, obtaining accurate and reliable information is still a challenge, not to mention gender gaps in digital access that women migrant workers face.