Singapore (The Republic of)

Singapore joined the ILO in 1965. It is one of the most developed economies in Asia and has some of the fewest barriers to trade.

With its developed economy status, there have been no major ILO technical cooperation projects in Singapore in recent years. But the country is host to many ILO meetings and fellowship programmes that cover a wide range of work and workplace-related topics. ILO activities in Singapore focus on working with the constituents to build up their capabilities help them share knowledge and provide training, both for themselves and to other less developed economies in the region.

The island state has ratified twenty ILO Conventions (including five of the eight so-called core conventions) covering a wide range of topics, among them forced labour, the worst forms of child labour, the right to organize and collective bargaining. More than 70 other instruments are under consideration with a view to ratification.

In 2005 Singapore became the first deputy member of the ILO’s Governing Body from the ASEAN grouping. The country has been elected as a titular member of the Governing Body for the ASEAN region for the term 2008-2011.