ILO in Mongolia

Mongolia has a unique and durable traditional culture, with its roots in a nomadic, herding lifestyle.

The ILO has been active in Mongolia since 1989. In addition to staff based locally, work in the country also supported by international experts from the ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia based in Beijing.

Mongolia is a landlocked developing country with population of little over three million. It is located in central Asia bordering with the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China. It has a democratic society with a market economy, with annual growth of GDP in average 8 percent until 2012, though experiencing a slowdown in recent years. Mining and agriculture plays an important role in the economy, yet there is a need for economic diversification for generation of decent employment for its young people (15-34 years old), which constitutes almost one third of the population. Although the literacy rate is high, there is a need for development of occupational skills required at the labour market.

Key projects in Mongolia