Green jobs in Asia and the Pacific

The Green Jobs Initiative in Asia and the Pacific

Using green jobs technology to alleviate rural poverty in India.

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The Green Jobs Programme for Asia and the Pacific currently collaborates with ILO constituents in Bangladesh, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The programme is implemented through technical cooperation projects supported by several donor agencies and the ILO main resources. The main objectives of the programme are to:
  • enhance the capacity of ILO constituents to take part in dialogue on green jobs at local, regional and national levels by giving them access to quality data and information;
  • influence national policies and so contribute to an inclusive growth model that is job-centred, environmentally sustainable, and that promotes decent work; and
  • promote gender sensitive opportunities for green jobs by supporting demonstration activities and national programmes.
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Decent work and climate resilience

  1. Country fact sheets

    Measuring employment and environmental sustainability across Asia and the Pacific

    The Employment and Environmental Sustainability Fact Sheets series provides a baseline for key indicators of employment and environmental sustainability performance in 36 countries across Asia and the Pacific. These indicators include: (i) employment in environmental sectors; (ii) skill levels; (iii) vulnerability of jobs; (iv) jobs in renewable energy; and (v) scoring on the Environmental Performance Index.