Employment promotion resources

February 2024

  1. New Forms of Employment and Labour Protection in China

    20 February 2024

    The objective of this paper is to provide a panoramic description and analysis of the diversity of the new forms of employment that have been emerging in China, with the focus on their background, the main types, the status quo of labour rights protection, and the government's responses to the challenges of labour regulations brought by NFE. Finally, on the basis of the above, the paper puts forward corresponding policy recommendations on how to improve workers' protection in new forms of Employment.

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    Welcome to Pakistan

    We are proud to welcome Mohamed Yahya, the New United Nations Resident Coordinator for Pakistan, to the ILO office in Islamabad and we are excited to work closely with him, benefiting from his experience and support as the UN Resident Coordinator. A big thanks to Mohamed Yahya for spending Valentine's morning with team ILO!

January 2024

  1. Bangladesh Tripartite Decent Work Country Programme Steering Committee begins 2024 reflecting on progress

    31 January 2024

    Labour reforms, green jobs for a just transition and private sector driven skills development to be prioritized in 2024.

  2. E-Newsletters of the ILO CO-Jakarta: January 2024

    31 January 2024

  3. Opening address at the launch of the Women Entrepreneurs Peer Programme

    30 January 2024

    By Mr Khalid Hassan, Director, ILO Country Office for the Philippines at the launch of the Women Entrepreneurs Peer Programme, 30 January 2024, Manila, Philippines

  4. New employment opportunities for laid-off workers on digital entrepreneurship

    25 January 2024

    ILO digital entrepreneurship training, jointly conducted with Evermos, a social commerce reseller platform, not only provides new digital skills, but also opens a new, inclusive employment opportunity.

  5. Women work 100 hours per week but still consider unproductive: Magdalene-ILO Care work social experiment

    18 January 2024

    What happens if you are paid to do care work that you usually do at home?

  6. Request for Proposals: “Rapid Assessment on Child Labour in Agriculture in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) Mainland Areas”

    16 January 2024

    The International Labour Office (hereinafter the “ILO”) is pleased to invite your company/organization to submit a Proposal for implementing target activities under the “Rapid assessment on child labour in agriculture in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) mainland areas”, as further described in Annex III.

December 2023

  1. Promoting decent work in India: October - December 2023

    31 December 2023

  2. Annex 3: Offer Submission Form

    14 December 2023

    Request for Quotations: Desktop Packages for the ILO-supported DICT Digital Transformation Centers Reference N° PHI/2023-173/BP