Staff list: ILO Country Office for Thailand, Cambodia and Lao People's Democratic Republic


Mr Graeme BuckleyDirector 
Ms Jittima SRISUKNAMProgramme Officer 
Ms Chadapim UDOMSORAYUTHSenior Secretary to the Director 

Combatting Unacceptable Forms of Work in the Thai Fishing and Seafood Industry Project

Ms Anyamanee TABTIMSRIProgramme Officer 
Mr Vasu THIRASAKNational Project Coordinator 
Ms Wasu VIPOOSANAPATAdministrative and Finance Assistant 

Needs Assessment for Capacity Building of SMES and other Stakeholders in Lao PDR

Mr Thaworn BUAHORMFinance and Administrative Assistant 

Strengthening Social Security Office Capacities in Policy Design with a Focus on Research and Acturial Sercives (SSO Thailand)

Mr Simon James Roy BRIMBLECOMBEChief Technical Adviser