The ILO in Australia

Australia has contributed to the overall goal of Decent Work for All and supported the application of Decent Work Agenda and the achievement of Millennium Development Goals as well as working towards the Sustainable Development Goals in selected ILO’s member States.

Australia has a mature and balanced national workplace relations system with a solid tradition of social dialogue and industrial relations. Social partners in Australia are active in assisting building capacity of ILO member States to create opportunities for employers and workers. The Pacific Growth and Employment project was a reaffirmation of the importance of tripartite system where social dialogue had led to united action between the government and social partners (the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry/ ACCI and the Australian Council of Trade Unions/ ACTU) in joining efforts towards achieving the decent work.

The Australian Government and Employers’ representatives has held seats on the ILO’s Governing Body. Australia was also recently Chair of the Asia Pacific Group of the ILO (ASPAG) twice.

The partnership between Australia and the ILO has been further solidified with the signing of the Australian Government-ILO Partnership Agreement (2010-2015) to support countries in Asia and the Pacific on areas of Labour market governance and Migration; Green jobs; Better work; Youth employment, and Growth and employment. In addition, the government of Australian has also provided significant funding to the ILO through bilateral cooperation agreements with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) – Australian Aid at country level. Most recently, AUD20 million has been earmarked to the bilateral technical cooperation between the Government of Australia and the ILO to continue the assistance to protect migrant workers from labour exploitation within and from the Greater Mekong Sub-region.