Syrian refugees

Improving Labour Market Integration of Syrian Refugees and Host Communities in Turkey

Project Overview
The overall objective of the project is to enhance the livelihoods and social cohesion of Syrian refugees and host communities in Turkey by promoting labour market integration and inclusive economic growth underpinned by decent work principles. On the government side, the overall coordination is ensured by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Affairs DG International Labour Force.

Objectives and Activities


    • Implementing vocational, language, labour market skills, entrepreneurship as well as occupational safety and health training;


    • Developing and implementing workplace mentorship programmes;
    • Promoting access to public employment and counselling services;
    • Supporting access to the apprenticeship programme;
    • Supporting qualification validation and recognition of prior learning for Syrians.
    • Providing business advisory services and grants for creation / expansion of enterprises;
    • Facilitating job placement through incentive schemes, public and private employment services and enterprise support;
    • Establishing links with the private sector to boost efforts on post-training job placements and apprenticeships.
      • Provide technical and financial assistance to employers to apply for work permits.
    • Strengthening the capacity of relevant government institutions;
    • Improving compliance with national legislation;
    • Carrying out awareness-raising and compliance campaigns;
    • Enhancing dialogue and knowledge-sharing among governments, employers' and workers' organisations;
    • Development of compliance guides and dissemination to enterprises in their supply chains


Target Group
Syrians and host communities  

Participants of a textile training at Adana MEKSA

Number of total beneficiaries (for the current phase)


  • 11.600 Syrian refugees
  • 1400 host community members
  • 100 employers
  • 650 staff from relevant governmental institutions
  • 300 representatives from tripartite constituents
  • 250 enterprises

Target provinces
İstanbul, Bursa, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Adana, Mersin, Hatay and Ankara


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USA Department of State – Bureau of Population, Migration and Refugees (US PRM)



  • Currently third phase: October 2017 - September 2019 (24 months)