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“Technical Assistance for Improving Social Dialogue in Working Life”

Turkey has a long tradition of social dialogue and trade unions have been playing an important role in industrial relations, particularly since the 1950s.

Project Posterse unionization rate of Turkish workers can be regarded as poor.

Despite the existence of nationwide social dialogue mechanisms all around the country, these mechanisms, mainly at lower levels, do not function efficiently. The core reasons could be listed as certain legal arrangements, lack of culture of cooperation among social partners, and their capacity restrictions.

In this respect the “Technical Assistance for Improving Social Dialogue in Working Life” project would add value to the efforts towards a better functioning social dialogue structure in Turkey. As for specific objectives of the project, it could be underlined that: Increasing the capacity of social partners, relevant public institutions and awareness-raising on social dialogue at all levels, through a holistic approach, are the priorities.
Thus within the project;

• Main trade union confederations have been visited during the inception period.
• More than thousand civil servants, judges, police officers, and social partner representatives will be trained on critical issues within the Social Dialogue domain throughout the project span.
• Thousands of students, unionized and un-unionized workers, employers, academics will be informed directly via dozens of workshops, seminars, national and international meetings.
• Translation of some of the ILO’s social dialogue related materials will be done.
• Certification mechanisms to identify decent work places in terms of social dialogue are to be designed.
• A mapping study on the functioning of existing tripartite social dialogue mechanisms in Turkey will be realized.
• Improvement of the existing database of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MoLSS) to collect anti-union discrimination data and its regular reporting (A study/need analysis and making enable the IT infrastructure of the MoLLS for data collection) will be achieved.
• A situation and gap analysis related to social dialogue, freedom of association, right to collective labour agreement will be made, and an action plan will be developed.
• A report on the decisions of the ILO Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations in relation to 87 & 98 and 144; and also a study on practices of extension of labour agreements in the EU member states are to be prepared.
• Identification and publicizing of social dialogue indicators will be realised.
• Priorities, messages, outputs and outcomes of the project would be disseminated via TV spots, active social media policies and practices, project web site, printed and e-based materials, mailing lists, together with intense media relations throughout the project..

Improving Social Dialogue in Working Life
project, with a 2,5 Mio EUR technical assistance and 1 Mio EUR grant component, and which is to last for 24 months; has been run by the ILO Office for Turkey since August 2016. The beneficiary of the project is the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the contracting authority is the CFCU. The project is funded by the EU and the Republic of Turkey.

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