April 2024

  1. ILO Calls for Small-Scale Grants

    03 April 2024

    The ILO Office for Türkiye launches a small-scale grant scheme for innovative projects promoting the application of fundamental principles and rights at work.

  2. ILO promotes Social Solidarity Economy and Green Jobs in Türkiye

    03 April 2024

  3. Fundamental Labour Rights Project organizes Training of Trainers for Social Partners

    02 April 2024

    A Training of Trainers Workshop was organized for the experts who will run the training programme developed under the Fundamental Labour Rights Project.

    “The environment for discussion that was created, in which representatives of both the worker and employer sides had the chance to share their views and, more importantly, understand each other, was particularly valuable."

  4. World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2024: The impacts of climate change on occupational safety and health

March 2024

  1. Inclusive employment for persons with disabilities discussed in a multi-faceted way at the workshop with public, private sector and social partners

    28 March 2024

    At the "Strengthening Employment for People with Disabilities: Collaborative Solutions Workshop" organized by the ILO Office in Turkey, participants discussed the employment of persons with disabilities from a multidimensional perspective based on the principles of diversity and inclusion. They exchanged views and information on overcoming the challenges on the inclusive employment.

  2. Director of the ILO Office for Türkiye visits United Confederation of Public Employees' Unions

    27 March 2024

  3. How decent work for all paves the way to dignity and productivity

    25 March 2024

    The ILO’s Project on Promoting Decent Work for Syrians under Temporary Protection and Turkish Citizens works for contributing to building empowered societies that are equitable, inclusive, and sustainable. The project equips workers and job seekers with work-based learning and new skills, provides support to both employers and workers for creating and retaining new jobs, besides disseminates correct and comprehensive information about the access to formal work and training opportunities. Watch to hear ILO’s project staff speaking about how and why.

  4. ILO Hosts Certification Ceremony for Textile Workers Following Workplace Adaptation Programme Training in Istanbul

    20 March 2024

  5. ILO Hosts Specialized Training Program for Social Security Institution and ISKUR Officials

    19 March 2024

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    Annual profits from forced labour amount to US$ 236 billion, ILO report finds

    19 March 2024

    The new study on forced labour in the private sector reveals a 37 per cent rise in illegal profits from forced labour since 2014.