The strong relationship between international labour standards and human rights covered in a UN-wide training

News | 30 November 2022
UN officers gathered in a training on "International Labour Standards (ILS) as Human Rights" at the ILO Office for Türkiye in Ankara. The training started with welcoming speeches of the ILO Office Director Numan Özcan and UNDP Deputy Resident Representative Miodrag Dragisic and Mikhael Vinogradov, the ILO Technical Officer of International Labour Standards explained the interdependent and mutually supportive relationship between the human rights instruments and ILS.

This training was organized in ILO Ankara Office on 17 November and served the purpose of streamlining that labour rights are human rights and building the capacities on international labour standards and ILO supervisory system vis-à-vis staff of UN entities highlighting the interdependent and mutually supportive relationship with other global human rights instruments and UN treaty bodies with an emphasis on areas related to vulnerable groups, such as social inclusion, gender equality, migrants and refugees, child labour, forced labour, and healthy environment.

Vinogradov said: “In 2020, the UN Secretary General launched a Call to Action for Human Rights (C2A) on the occasion of the UN’s 75th anniversary. The C2A came at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic “deepened pre-existing divides, vulnerabilities and inequalities, as well as opened up new fractures, including fault-lines in human rights” and in a context where the ‘recovery gives us an opportunity to generate momentum for transformation’. ‘To recover better, guided by human rights’, we are and will hone the advocacy of human rights and international labour standards”.