The New Youth Employment Report is out!

News | 27 June 2022
Focusing both on Turkish and Syrian youth, this research report aims to deliver data-driven evidence for policies that can improve youth resilience and well-being. The research findings are a call for action for all development stakeholders to cooperate in removing the barriers that prevent young people from enjoying their right to decent work.

The research is based on a comprehensive survey with 1800 respondents, 18-29 years of age (900 Syrians and 900 host community members) and interviews with key informants. The research findings provide an overview of the socio-economic profile of young people in Turkey, reflect their needs and expectations in the labour market considering the impacts of the pandemic, and reports their perception and experience regarding public employment services.

The study reveals striking evidence regarding the youth’s perception regarding women’s employment and their plans to stay in Turkey in the short and long terms.

Young people in Turkey face multiple and compound barriers in the labour market. They consider Turkey’s economic conditions, low salaries, the lack of a reference/acquaintance to help find a job, inadequate previous work experience, and discrimination at the workplace as primary challenges. These are aggravated among women, refugees, those with lower skills, with no previous job experience, informal workers, and those with domestic care responsibilities.

Hosting more than four million refugees, Turkey’s labour market reflects significant fractures exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This research study delivers a timely and detailed analysis of these fractures as manifested in Turkey’s youth labour market.