Training on Results-Based Management Provided to ISKUR Staff for Effective Implementation and Monitoring of Turkey’s First-Ever Women’s Employment Action Plan

News | 11 June 2021
Training sessions on Results-Based Management (RBM) were held on 7-8 June 2021 for ISKUR HQ staff for effective implementation and monitoring of Turkeys first-ever Women’s Employment Action Plan produced jointly by the International Labour Organization (ILO) Office for Turkey and Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR) focusing on women’s employment.

Training Addresses Results-Based Management, Monitoring and Reporting

The training delivered online to ISKUR HQ staff introduced the basics of results-based management, monitoring and reporting. It included exercises and interactive practices on how to execute Results-Based Management, monitoring and reporting that would contribute to developing proposals and technical skills on the subject.

Results-Based Management is Based on Gender-Responsive Methodology

The training explained what Results-Based Management was, why it was important and how it would be applied, the outlines of action plans and what they would mean in the context of Results-Based Management and how they should be implemented; and treated the framework of monitoring and evaluation as a critical instrument for the Results-Based Management of action plans.

The training focuses on the Results-Based Management of the Women’s Employment Action Plan and relies on a gender-responsive results-based monitoring and management methodology.

The Action Plan Aims to Promote ISKUR’s Women-Oriented Employment Policies

Prepared in the context of the project “More and Better Jobs for Women - Phase I” (2013-2018) implemented by the ILO Office for Turkey with funding from Sweden, the Women’s Employment Action Plan aims to promote women’s employment, increase women’s access to decent jobs, support ISKUR’s women-oriented employment policies and help ISKUR implement them.

Produced jointly by the ILO Office for Turkey and ISKUR in a philosophy of social dialogue by the National Technical Team (NTT) consisting of the representatives of various public organizations, civil society, workers’ and employers’ confederations, the Action Plan (2016-2018) aimed to provide vocational skills to women, refer women to jobs to increase women’s employment as well as to propose actions along to main objectives to promote women’s access to labour markets.

Action Plan at Phase I, Results-Based Implementation and Monitoring at Phase II

At Phase I of the project, annual Provincial Action Plans for Women’s Employment were developed in four pilot provinces namely Ankara, Bursa, Istanbul and Konya to support the local implementation of the National Action Plan.

At Phase II of the “More and Better Jobs for Women” Programme (2019-2022), it is aimed to implement and monitor the National Action Plan and local action plans effectively and sustainably on the basis of gender-responsive, results-based monitoring principles.
Participants were awarded training completion certificates at the end of the courses.

RBM training series will continue with delivery to the members of Provincial Employment and Vocational Training Boards (PEVTB) by the NTT who produced the National Action Plan.