First Women Graduates of Entrepreneurship Course in SADA Women Development and Solidarity Center

News | 09 January 2019

The first graduates completed the Entrepreneurship Course under the Project “Strengthening the Resilience of Syrian Women and Girls” implemented in Gaziantep jointly by UN Women, ILO and ASAM. Organised in two groups, the first Entrepreneurship Course ran on 17-21 December with 23 women participants, and the second on 24-28 December with 21 women participants. The trainer Mustafa Hilmi Aybaş delivered the KOSGEB-designated training module to a total of 26 Syrians and 18 Turkish citizens.

The participants were informed during the course on developing business ideas, concept of responsible entrepreneurship, concept of business, business functions and types, and forms of business formation. Through various creative exercises and workshops on business modelling and planning, they enhanced their business ideas. They were also provided information on financial and legal liabilities of enterprises, production plan, financial plan and market research.

As most participants wished to start up a textile workshop, souvenir shop, restaurant or hair-dresser’s, Ms. Koray Ağır, the Registrar of Gaziantep Chamber of Craftsmen and Artisans, informed them on business-startup procedures on the last day of the Entrepreneurship Course. The role model seminar at the completion of the course featured a get-together with successful business women in Gaziantep.

In the role model seminar, Ms. Nuray Durmaz, owner of Virida Kitchen-Boutique Catering, shared her business startup journey with the participants. Expressing how timid she was on thinking of the future when she first participated in the Entrepreneurship Course, Ms. Durmaz told her story that she started a small kitchen of home dishes by her personality who thought creatively and transformed the old into new, and the support from her friends and relatives. Underlining that entrepreneurs should support one another to start sustainable business and survive in the market, Ms. Durmaz stated that she participated many training programmes such as first aid training, training of trainers which helped her self-development to become a versatile person and deliver better service. Noting that Virida Catering organised special dish and pastry workshops, and grew on strong strides without compromising product quality, Ms. Nuray Durmaz shared her experience ranging from challenges to financial and legal aspects in her startup journey with the Entrepreneurship Course beneficiaries.

The Entrepreneurship Course started with the opening remarks of ILO Field Coordinator Ms. Bilge Çoban providing information on the work of ILO and SADA Women Development and Solidarity Centre; continued for two weeks; and culminated with the presentation of new-year packages consisting of items produced by the workshop beneficiaries of SADA Women Development and Solidarity Centre to the trainers who contributed to Entrepreneurship Course and to the attending guests.