Employment and Equality

“Employment and Equity”: Deep and ever-increasing inequalities start to constitute barriers to “equal opportunities” and constrain social mobility.

Following a “Workshop on Employment and Equity” held at Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences on June 17-21, 2015, the ILO Office for Turkey has published the collection of the texts of the workshop and the academic debate.

News | 21 March 2016
The “Workshop on Employment and Equity” has seen constructive, critical and forward-looking debates among international and national academicians as well as the representatives of the constituents discussing and suggesting policy recommendations addressing wages and inequalities.

The resulting publication edited by Berrin Ceylan-Ataman ve Risa L. Lieberwitz “Employment and Equity” aims to establish a basis for long-term cooperation among scholars of social policy & industrial relations and policy-making institutions. It is also expected that the publication will be instrumental for the constituents and policy makers in designing policies and programmes that combine increased economic growth with decreased income inequality and advances social justice for all.

The publication consists of 12 chapters featuring the following themes: Assessment of the Situation: Industrial Relations and Social Policy in the Making of a Global Economy, Challenges for Social Protection: Changing Axes of Welfare Policies in the Making of a Global Polity, Dynamics of Social Inclusion: A Discussion of the Role of Actors (governments, social partners and civil societies) in the Making of a Global Society, Economic and Social Inequality: Growth and Social Welfare, Labor Law and Social Policy: Collaboration and Effective Relationships of Social Partners.
“… whatever policies are pursued to target inequalities, there is a strong need to develop holistic and coordinated macroeconomic policies at international level as well as a common approach to wages, employment and social protection policies."
Numan Özcan
Director, ILO Office for Turkey

The PDF version of the book can be reached through this link.